10 Successful Career Options in Finance!

10 Successful Career Options in Finance!


1. Auditor

Auditors evaluate the financial operations and records of organizations to ensure accuracy and adherence to government regulations. They also make recommendations for better compliance and management policies. They can work internally for a company or as an external auditor.


  • Ensure taxes are properly and truthfully submitted and paid in accordance with laws and guidelines.
  • Maintain accurate records of financial information
  • Compile and review relevant information, conducting tests and making reports
  • Examine financial statements, payrolls, inventory and other related records to reveal any illegal activities and opportunities for greater profitability
  • Write report with detailed analysis and recommendations for improvement or correction

2. Financial Advisor / Planner

Financial advisers recommend their clients on ways to best use their money. They start by finding out the financial goals with their clients and then suggest the products and services that best meet their clients’ needs. Financial advisers may specialise in particular products or are generalists who offer advice on all areas, along with savings and insurance.


  • Conduct in-depth reviews of clients’ financial circumstances, current provision and future aims
  • Analyze information and preparing plans best suited to individual clients’ requirements
  • Research the marketplace and providing clients with information on new and existing products and services
  • Negotiate with product suppliers for the best possible rates
  • Keep up to date with financial products and legislation

3. Tax Adviser

Tax advisers use their knowledge of tax legislation to provide advisory and consultancy services to clients, ensuring that they pay their taxes in the most efficient way and benefit from any tax advantages and exemptions. They keep up to date with changing tax laws and explain complicated legislation and its implications to their clients in simple terms.


  • Research, analyze and interpret changing tax legislation in own country and overseas
  • Prepare and submit tax returns by the deadline
  • Create tax strategies for clients and plan their financial futures
  • Carry out detailed computations to calculate tax liability and advise on how to minimize a client’s liability
  • Estate planning and advising on tax residence and domicile matters
  • Providing guidance on indirect taxation issues such as VAT, customs planning and environmental taxes
  • Producing reports and presentations for clients

4. Investment Analyst

Investment analysts research and provide insight on economic trends and evaluate investment potential of companies. They examine a variety of sources, such as financial statements, company accounts, industry trends, and political events.


  • Analyze the financial health and potential of a set of companies by looking at company results, profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow statements
  • Keep up to date with market developments, new investment products and other political and economic events that can affect the markets
  • Consider how the economic implications of factors such as natural disasters, weather, wars, etc. might affect the performance of companies and funds
  • Financial modelling and projection
  • Draft and write research reports for fund manager or client use

5. Financial Trader

Financial traders buy and sell shares, bonds and assets for investors, including individuals and banks. They make prices and execute trades, seeking to maximize assets or minimize financial risk.


  • Speak with colleagues, making phone calls and making instant decisions
  • Make prices in their relevant products
  • Execute trades electronically or by phone
  • Liaise with sales traders/clients on market movements
  • Predict how markets will move and buying and selling accordingly (especially derivatives traders who try to predict the state of a market at a future date)
  • Inform all relevant parties of the most relevant trades for the day
  • Gather information – critically about mispriced assets, detailed data analysis and valuation

6. Investment Writing / Finance Reporter

Financial writers comment on the latest market development, business news or create educational content for the public. They conduct research and do interviews on monetary policy, the economy and financial markets to inform the public through the mediums of radio, television, magazines, newspapers and the Internet. Usually, they have several years of work experience in the finance industry.


  • Discuss article issues with editors
  • Compose article regarding a specific event or development in the financial industry
  • Develop and maintain financial industry contacts for quality sources of information
  • Revise work to meet editorial approval or to fit time or space requirements
  • Review and evaluate notes regarding a story in order to isolate pertinent facts and details
  • Arrange and conduct interviews with relevant parties

7. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts evaluate a company’s financial risk and preparing financial forecasts, capital management, and financing options. They also assess financial performance, develop cash flow and debt strategies, and assist in preparing budgets.


  • Determine cost of operations by establishing standard costs; collecting operational data
  • Identify financial status by comparing and analyzing actual results with plans and forecasts
  • Improve financial status by analyzing results; monitoring variances; identifying trends; recommending actions to management
  • Reconcile transactions by comparing and correcting data
  • Recommend actions by analyzing and interpreting data and making comparative analyses; studying proposed changes in methods and materials

8. Insurance Claims Adjuster

Insurance claims adjuster determines a fair settlement when a customer has suffered from an accident, an injury or other event covered by the insurance policy.


  • Investigate, evaluate, and settle insurance claims
  • Determine whether the insurance policy covers the loss claimed
  • Ensure that claims are not fraudulent
  • Contact claimants’ doctors, employers, or witnesses to get additional information on questionable claims
  • Negotiate settlements
  • Inspect the damaged property (if applicable) to determine its original value and how much the insurance company should pay.

9. Accountant

Accountants ensure all financial transactions of a company is recorded properly and according to the law. They prepare and analyze budgets and create financial reports.


  • Assisting in the preparation of accounts
  • Dealing with basic book keeping
  • Processing and paying invoices
  • Recording receipts and payments
  • Preparing and checking ledger balances and other monthly and yearly accounts
  • Completing and submitting tax returns
  • Handling company expenses and payroll systems that pay wages and salaries

10. Actuary

Actuaries help organizations evaluate, manage and minimize risk. They apply financial and statistical theories to assess the likelihood of a particular event occurring and the possible financial costs.


  • Use mathematical modelling techniques and statistical concepts to determine probability and assess risks, such as analyzing pension scheme liabilities, to price commercial insurance
  • Monitor risk within trading positions in investment banking to ensure excessive risks are not taken during the fast pace of trading
  • Present reports to managers and directors, and advise on risk limitation
  • Advise on issues such as the selection of investment managers or the administration of pensions and benefits
  • Work with IT professionals to develop systems to ensure compliance with the requirements of regulatory bodies
  • Communicate with clients and carrying out relationship management, including with investment managers, financial directors and external stakeholders

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