10 Interesting facts that you didn’t know about Bill Gates!

10 Interesting facts that you didn’t know about Bill Gates!


bill-gates-jpg1. In high school, he came face-to-face with an unsolved ‘pancake sorting’ problem, for which he presented an algorithmic solution which held the record as the fastest version for over thirty years.

2. If Bill Gates was a country, he’s be the #63 richest country in the world. On that note, he had aimed to become a millionaire by the time he was thirty, only to become a billionaire at 31.

3. As a well known philanthropist, and advocate of hard work, Bill and Melinda Gates have often mentioned that their three children will only inherit US$10 million each, out of his US$72 billion net worth. This means, they intend to donate 99.6 percent of their current wealth.

4. Bill Gates was arrested in New Mexico in 1977 for jumping a red light and driving without a licence.

5. In eighth grade, he was banned by Computer Center Corporation (CCC), along with four other students, from using the DEC PDP minicomputers at their school, because they were caught trying to exploit the bugs in the operating system, to gain extra computer time.

6. Like other influential people – Abraham Lincoln, Walt Disney, Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs – Bill Gates had no college degree. He scored a 1590 out of 1600 on his SATs in1973, and enrolled in Harvard, from where he’d drop out in 1975. He also met Steve Ballmer, during his short time at the University, who went on to take over the CEO position at Microsoft, after Bill Gates.

7. Bill Gates continued to fly coach until 1997, when his net worth was already US$36 billion. He has also donated $28 billion dollars to different causes, over the years, and pays US $1 million per year in property taxes for his house.???????????????????????????????????????

8. With his wife Melinda, Bill founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000, which is recognized as the largest private foundation in the world, focusing primarily on providing healthcare, reducing poverty, expanding educational opportunities, increasing access to Technology in third world countries. The organization employs over 1300 people, and was valued at US $44.3 billion as of 31 December 2014.

9. At a spending rate of $1 million a day, it would take Bill Gates 218 years to spend all his money.

10. Apart from Microsoft, he has been associated with a lot of other business ventures. He founded Cascade Investments – a private investment and holding company, bgC3, a new think-tank company, and Corbis, a digital image licensing and rights services company. He also invested in TerraPower, a nuclear reactor design company, and ResearchGate, a social networking site for scientists.





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