Learn to Code for FREE | Top 10 Online Courses for aspiring...

Learn to Code for FREE | Top 10 Online Courses for aspiring programmers.


“Coding is the new literacy”,  say Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, both founders of well respected technology giants which have changed the way we look at personal computing  and online socializing, respectively.  Coding, the input of a computer language to generate desired functions, may prove difficult to learn in the beginning, but in the long run, there is perhaps nothing more important than knowing the lines that are poised to become an integral part of the human experience.

To get a head start though,  why not start as soon as possible? Why not today when you have the time?  We suggest these 10 online resources, that would help you be the next coding champ.

1) HTML5 Rocks:
HTML5 Rocks is a google project with various contributors that work for technology big-wigs.  The site hosts tutorials, seminars and material on HTML5 coding and lets you contribute as well!  HTML5 is the source language for a large bulk of websites created and maintained by new webmasters and coders.


2) MIT OCW (MIT OpenCourseWare)
This educational portal is the online repository for courses and seminars conducted in the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, locates in Boston, MA.  It offers free download of course work and assignment material of a long list of courses aimed at computer hardware and programming.   Learning from the MIT faculty is indeed a dream come true!

3) Coursera
Coursera, also an online education portal allows users to learn various language in various languages and options include English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese.  The courses are taught by professors from many universities and institutes around the world.

4)  The Code Player:
The Code Player is an online interactive presentation repository for HTML, CSS3, JavaScript and other languages that may be of use to students, or even non-students. Users may upload their own presentations after attaining a certain mastery of coding.

Code Player.JPG


5) Codeacademy:
Ruby, JavaScript, Python, jQuery and PSP are some of the languages taught in the website that features an old-fashioned lesson based approach to teaching coding to first time programmers.  It is also object based, giving short assignments to complete to improve mastery of language.

6) Learn Python The Hard Way:
Learn Python the Hard Way is a book as well as online material website that gives tutorials for Python.  The exercises are to be completed one line at a time an absolutely no copying is allowed.  The content is also available as videos upon payment.

Learn Python.JPG

7)  Khan Academy:
The Khan Academy, is a educational resource website that offers video tutorials and practice sessions for beginners and experienced programmers alike in JavaScript.  The site offers coaching on drawing, coloring, use of variables, animation basic and all other features that provide a comprehensive Javascript learning platform.

Khan Academy.JPG


8)  Treehouse:
Tutoring students with a library of videos and updated with recent standards, treehouse offers one of the most comprehensive programs for online tutoring for website development and coding.  The site provides learning opportunities for iPhone and Android app developers and website developers alike.

9) Udacity:
Udacity is a project based education oriented website that helps people from all age groups learn the coding language of their choice through interactive projects.  The sites’ coursework is designed in collaboration with tech firms to reflect industry needs and help students glean career boosting knowledge and information.


10) Mozilla Developer Network:
The Mozilla Developer Network is an open platform for accessing and developing the free and open source software for various Mozilla associated products. The site includes tutorials for various languages including JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS for first time developers.





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