10 Things to do when you need a break at work, instead...

10 Things to do when you need a break at work, instead of checking your Facebook!


food-salad-healthy-vegetables1. Get some snacks: Energise yourself with some delicious healthy snacks. Go pick up something from your office kitchen/canteen. There is nothing better than healthy snacking as it helps boost the brain!

2. Make those pending calls: Step out of your office and call the people you’ve been meaning to for a long time. Clients, Family, Friends etc. By leaving your desk you refresh your environment and what better stress buster than talking over  the phone.

3. Clear your phone out: One never really gets time to do that. A device that we use everyday needs to have sufficient space and its always best to avoid storing trash on your phone. Delete those applications you’ve not used in months.

4. Clean your office Desk: A messy office desk is bound to scatter your thought process at work as well. Clean out your desk and throw out the old papers and bills you’ve been too lazy to throw out. A clean desk is bound to improve your productivity.

startup-photos5. Sit: Yes, sit at one place and do nothing for a change. donothingfor2minutes is a unique website that displays an image with audio and you are suppose to gaze at the picture and enjoy the audio. If you move the cursor your two two minutes start all over again. So, straighten up that posture, stretch your legs, and do nothing for a while!

6. National Geographic could be a treat to your eyes: If you are one who loves to travel and likes photography then check out National Geographic’s photography archives and marvel at the beautiful pictures of nature and places. In case you have travelled then put up pictures that you’ve clicked and see the kind of response you get.

7. Update your  “To-Do” List: You are through half your day so make sure your daily to do list is updated. Strike out the tasks you’ve completed and add ones that need to be done, if any. This gives you a sense of satisfaction and this kind of planning can help you focus better on your work and be more organised.

8. Music: Music is known to destress a lot of individuals. So go ahead, plug your ears and listen to the music for your current mood. If you do have a chance, go update your music library.

9. Shop: Go through the latest collection of your favourite brands and buy something for yourself. Nothing too outrageous, of course. You can also cover basic essentials, or just browse to be up to date.

10. Socialize: See if your cubicle mate needs a break, too. In case he/she does then go out with them and grab a cup of tea/coffee. This will help you build better relations at work.bench-people-smartphone-sun




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