Get through office easy: 10 must-have things to keep on your work...

Get through office easy: 10 must-have things to keep on your work desk!


Driklip_BonjourLife.com_1. Clip-on Cup Holder: How many times have you spilled water or coffee over your desk? This, however cautious one may be, is a common sight. The Clip-on Cup Holder is a solution to this problem. This handy gadget can be clipped anywhere and saves you the trouble of spilling an liquid. This  is a must have on your office table.

2. Digital Smart Pen: The Livescribe pen is a must have for professionals. This device is actually a pen which turns your words into action. With this device the notes you take at a meeting (handwritten) can be converted directly into text on your device, so there is no need to sit and write down everything again. In addition to that you can also record the conversation so that you have a back up incase you missed to write down an important point.

A classic pen that is capable of transmitting your notes and drawings, fro your notebook to your device.

3. Light Snacks: You are on a deadline and have no time to get up and walk to the canteen to get a quick bite to eat. Avoid these hunger pangs by keeping some healthy light snacks in your drawer at all times.1002-w-office-snacks-x

4. Spare Phone Charger: There are a number of times we forget to carry our charger from our home to the office or vice versa, leaving us in a fix. Keep a spare phone charger in the office so that you don’t have to constantly worry about carrying the charger with you all the time.chargeall-cs10-122

5. First Aid: You have no idea when you might have a splitting head ache or a paper cut. It is always better to keep the basic first aid, such as; basic medicines , band aids etc, in your drawer at all times.6d516ee202aae5512f24965334ee5a26

6. Water Bottle: It is always beneficial to carry your own bottle of water to work instead of depending on the office for the same. Firstly it is always more hygienic to have your personal bottle of water and secondly this way you avoid the regular rounds of water and your intake of water is sufficient.121991971

7. Plants: Keep a tiny plant that doesn’t require too much of sunlight. Studies have proven that keeping a plant on your desk can reduce the amount of stress thus increasing productivity and efficiency.

DIY-Gift-flower-planters-pot-mini-bonsai-desk-decoration-home-Free-shipping-Mini-flower-pots-with8. Office Cardigan: There may be a few time when, due to the air conditioning in office, you may feel chilly. It is best to keep a cardigan in the office for any such instances. On top of that, it might also come in handy for transforming your look from formal to informal, in case you’re heading our for a personal engagement post-office.7bb7beb231756cf6816f680202fe2858

9. Photos: Pictures of your spouse, children, parent, etc can help you lighten your mind when under stress. The pictures could also be of your best vacation or a destination you’ve been longing to visit. office-art-6

10. Tissues and Hand Sanitiser: Having a box of soft tissues and a hand sanitiser can come handy when you have a cold or when you are eating on your desk. It is important to keep your hands clean and kill the germs, while you also have something within-reach, to mop up any spilling mishaps. Backpack-Essentials-for-Back-to-School-Tissues





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