10 tips to study online while you are doing an internship!

10 tips to study online while you are doing an internship!


Letsintern Image-1You may be a first year student who needs to do a job to pay his or her tuition, or you may be a working individual and are studying an advanced subject for a better career prospect. In both these situations, you need to combine study and work to ensure that you can have a bright future in whichever direction you go. The ever increasing amount tuition charges at the top colleges, and the rise of various flexible options for studying allows students to take up jobs they think will help with their future lives, and at the same time, ensure that they complete their education. An internship is the starting step for any individual’s professional life, and the decision should be taken very carefully if you want proper help for doing math homework. We will first look at the advantages and disadvantages of studying online while doing an internship. Read on to find out more.

1. You can continue your current internship if you choose to study online. This will surely help you to reduce the stress of looking for any future jobs. Also, if you get a certifiable degree while doing your internship, your internship situation might be confirmed.

2. You can develop a whole new skill set to add on your resume. Whatever you learn from your online course can be applied to your responsibilities as an intern, as well as in any future employments. Also, balancing internship and online education will teach you a lot about time management.

3. You can easily pay the fees for your online course from the stipend you receive from your internship. These courses do not cost as much as the physical ones, so you can save some money from your income as well. Just make sure that you get a paying internship.

4. You can gain a lot of work experience as well as learn something if you study online while doing an internship abroad. For example, you can be an intern at an auditing firm, and you can be doing your MBA in correspondence online. This combination is truly a goldmine.

5. Online courses allow you to manage your time between studies and work, so that you can finish your daily lessons in the shortest possible amount of time, and then concentrate on your work at your internship. Many college graduates take up this option to further their career and gain a competitive age in today’s competitive professional world.

6. You will definitely not be the only one doing this. In today’s competitive and technologically advanced world, several working professionals go for this option, as this usually means an improvement of their career, and a valuable addition to their resumes. A Bachelor’s Degree is good for getting a job, but further education will give you better odds.

Disadvantages or challenges:
1. You will have no time for a social life of any sort. If you are doing an internship and doing an online course at the same time, things can get a bit stressful, and you might spend most of your time either at the office, or at home with your laptop.

2. Family time also becomes a luxury. When you are doing an internship abroad, you can try to visit your family once in a while. But with the extra burden of an online course on your shoulder, that becomes impossible.

3. Your stress levels will be quite high. You will have to work at the office for at least 8 hours every day. That means you will have to study early in the morning before you leave, and late at night after you come back.

Letsintern Image-2Online education options:
1. Work study programs – Many internships offer you the opportunity to take part in further education through the online medium by providing you with a certain financial aid. You can always choose this option if you are looking for such a thing. But this option comes with a zero stipend clause most of the time.

2. Part time correspondence course – There are several part time courses available online that allow you to pursue a certain field of studies without having to visit a college or leave your job. You can choose your examination dates and time as per your own preference. You can study at any time you want because you are given a certain amount of flexibility.

3. Student internships – Several online colleges allow you to study while working part time as an intern with the college only. As a student, you will be able to study as much as possible, and as an intern, you will have to assist the teachers in their teaching endeavours, as well as other students to find the right courses. This actually may seem like a good idea.

Now we will look at the top 10 helpful tips you can follow to study online while doing an internship. Read on to find out more.

The top 10 tips:
1. Get the class schedule way before the scheduled start so as to plan out your schedule well in advance.

2. Stay in contact with your online classmates to stay updated about any changes in class timings, or for any lessons you might have missed.

3. Keep your teachers as well as your employer in the loop with regards to you being an intern as well as a student. This way, you can expect for a bit more leniency from them than usual.

4. Make sure that your family knows about your course of action in terms of the internship and the online course. If they know, they will understand why you are not being able to give them time.

5. Always keep your schedule clearly detailed in your planner or your laptop. Any sort of confusion can get you into a lot of trouble.

6. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep at night. You may need to sacrifice your social life if you want to stay healthy while you work and study.

7. Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed. So keep some kind of provision in your schedule for some break time for relaxation.

8. Whenever you achieve something either in your online course or your internship, make it a point to give yourself a reward to boost your own morale.

9. When you are studying, turn your phone off so as to avoid any sort of distraction.

10. If you have some free time at the office, ask your supervisor for permission so that you can study during your break time. This might prove to be helpful.




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