18 Travel Startups in India that you should know about!

18 Travel Startups in India that you should know about!


11750655_862078323846202_685784131211258599_n1. Stayzilla
Stayzilla was founded to become India’s largest online marketplace for “Stays”. Apart from hotels they offer  a well-balanced diet comprising of all manner of “Stay” options to their customers including lodges, homestays, guesthouses, etc.
Stayzilla also aims to provide unprecedented reach to travelers by providing stays across the entire length and breadth of the country, including all sorts of options from ultra-low budget rooms to luxury stays. It is clear from the name itself about their giant reach to hotels located in the remotest of zillas in the country.

10609547_758235527583683_4209599411467984583_n2. Travel Triangle
Travel is a registered website of Holiday Triangle Travel Pvt. Ltd. They connect worldwide travelers with multiple local & expert travel agents. Travelers can request or choose, personalize and book the best travel packages created as per their taste & need. Travelers can select from a wide range of domestic and international destinations. They have grown bigger & better and today have an office of their own in the US as well. The company now leads over 2 lac happy travelers across the globe each year.

we-are-holidays-03. We Are Holidays
They are the online platform where people can research, plan, book and share their holidays. A buzzing holiday space, where you are directed to get in touch with the experts, verified and curated by them. They have local and in-destination experts, from across the globe, have been planning holidays for donkey’s years now; their experience will provide you with crucial value-adds you won’t find anywhere else. WeAreHolidays is a young start up in the online leisure travel space. It was started in the early 2011; the founding team has prior work experience with India’s largest OTA (Online Travel Agent) – MakeMyTrip.com.

1470277_547476492005407_1779077634_n4. Tripoto
Tripoto is one of the largest community of Travelers in the world. You get a chance to share your amazing travel experiences, discover unique trips and travel itineraries by other travelers & connect with travelers from around the world through this website.
They have enabled ease of sharing of credible travel information from around the world with the aim to become the largest source of crowd-sourced travel content in the world.

TripHobo, an innovative new travel platform, is the cumulative effort of our small but dedicated team of travel enthusiasts. Based out of Pune, India, they are trying to transform your travel experience by making travel more sharable and personally tailored. Connect with travel buddies around the world and let your experiences enrich each other’s!
TripHobo is a platform to discover great itineraries created by travelers like you.

iTraveller6. iTraveller
iTraveller is resolved to become the largest tech-enabled platform for holidays of India.The idea is to inculcate the culture of online discovery and planning for holidays translating to a strong marketplace of travelers and native wholesale suppliers from travel destinations across the world.
iTraveller is a technology enabled market place for holidays. The travellers can discover, plan and book their trips, with options to completely customize and buy their trips online. On the supply side, iTraveller aggregates native wholesale suppliers who are responsible for the services, thereby panning out a scalable marketplace model, for the first time in India for holidays.

17. Trip38
They combine the power of mobile and travel to deliver superior consumer experience in terms of local content once your booking is confirmed.Trip38 is a mobile-first travel technology solutions provider aiming to redefine how consumers explore destination. Their solution would work anywhere in the world as they provide real-time local content irrespective of how and where the booking is done. They have presence in US with their product development being done at Bangalore, India.

tripvilla_and_homeaway_partnership-118. Tripvillas
Tripvillas is a website that allows travelers to book Holiday Homes and Homestays instead of Hotels and Resorts. Travelers get to stay in large spacious family homes in some of the most beautiful places in the world. The website was founded in late 2009 by Roshan D’Silva when looking for ways to generate additional income from Coffee Plantations owned by his family. Inspired by Craigslist, Roshan set out to create a simple website where owners of private homes could create a simple profile for their property and then correspond with like minded families who would be interested in staying in their homes as an alternative to hotels.

seeksherpa-inc429. SeekSherpa
SeekSherpa is a mobile marketplace connecting travelers and locals over local tours and insights.The company allows locals in top Indian cities and tourist locations like Delhi, Srinagar and Jaipur, to become a “Sherpa” on the app. Sherpas, who can be from any profession, can list experiences that cost less than Rs 3,000 per participant. The company does a background check of the Sherpas and the tours they offer before they are listed.

thrillophilia10. Thrillophillia

Thrillophilia was founded by Abhishek Tripathi, Chitra Gurnani, Sanket Tondare and Vikram Arora.

The Company Thrillophilia deals with adventure-related activities on a pan-India level. Thrillophilia is one of India’s biggest online platform for activities and things to do. The website has 8000+ activities listed from 3500+ operators across 200+ cities in India and 15+ countries in Asia. At Thrillophollia the team explores the best opportunities available for travellers. They handpick the most unique, unknown & local experiences from authentic operators.

One very interesting feature of the website is the “Adventure Bible” , which is a link that that has a long list of explored and unexplored adventure destinations in the country. This information is shared free of cost with users.

Team-Pic-Malaysia11. No Thepla holidays
Travel today has become all about experiences. The new generation is no longer content with conventional sightseeing and looking for the closest Indian restaurant. The quest to explore and understand diverse cultures, sample local flavors, dance to eclectic music and met like- minded fellow travelers is becoming more and more popular. From off-beat locations to festivals to partying across the globe, holidaying abroad isn’t limited to guided tours of monuments and amusement parks anymore. The Indian traveler is now more open to traversing the uncharted and venturing into the off-beat.

No Thepla Holidays has been started by there friends who among them have traveled extensively, lived abroad and are all in love with the idea of ‘taking a break’. Arjun, Ayesha, and Sanaya plan event oriented, party and/or off-beat rips to locations across the globe – from music festivals to quirky festivals to party holidays at locations that are not frequented by the average Indian traveler.

No Thepla Holidays addresses the need to provide options to the modern Indian flash-packer. They  aim to be an aggregator of like-minded travelers who want to experience different cultures, met other travelers and don’t want everything planed to a ‘T’.

gomowgli-travel-helper12. goMowgli
“Gomowgli” is  India’s first Hop on Hop off travel company and we are leading the pack when it comes to experiential tours and bespoke tours. Gomowgli is all about stories and the experiences associated with travel, which most people miss out during their travel.

They provide City tours (Mysore, Kochin, Trivandrum and Goa), Hop on Hop off tours and Bespoke tours across Kerala, Karnataka and Goa. For every travel who wants to go with them, they provide them a pass(more like a ticket). They are not a traditional tour company. There is a difference between a traveler and a tourist. We care for travelers, their experiences and the stories.

The team at PickYourTrail.
The team at PickYourTrail.

13. PickYourTrail:
PickYourTrail is a Chennai based startup founded by Srinath Shankar and Hari. Srinath holds an MBA from NMIMS, Bombay and Hari holds an MBA from IIM Bangalore.

As the name suggests, this startup has over 1000 itineraries for different countries across the globe. You can pick from your choice of preferences and each itinerary is hand crafted by travelers who have been to the places you have in mind.

Apart from the itenaries the startup also helps you with your visa applications.

14. PressPlay:
PressPlay is a travel entertainment startup that has been founded by ex Zomato employees; Anand Sinha and George Abraham.

PressPlay offers video content ‘on and off line’ using a hybrid delivery model especially developed for India and other developing countries – keeping in mind the inconsistency in internet speeds and expensive mobile data. PressPlay strategically places PressPlay hotspots on long distance buses, railway platforms, trains, hospitals, shuttles, hotels and other high traffic areas to let users stream for free without paying for data and without any buffer/lag. The users can also download videos to watch later.

yourstroy_Routofy-114. Routofly
The holidays are coming up and you have 5 tabs and a notepad on the table, only trying to figure out which is the cheapest flight, train or bus that you can take to head back home or to that one destination that you have been planning to go to for months.

Routofly is an online portal that helps you seamlessly search for flights, trains & buses all at once. Get auto-made direct-indirect connections to anywhere, with prices and deals from your favourite providers. All on an easy to read and intuitive timeline, so you can compare and select the best for you, at the very first glance.

It was founded in 2014, by IIT Delhi graduates, Ronak Gupta (Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer) & Abhishek Aggarwal (Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer & also an ex-Microsoft employee).

15. Padhaaro
Travelling to a foreign land can give a lot of people jitters. You don’t know the language. You are not very aware the culture. You have little to no knowledge about their laws. You don’t even know if the locals of the country will be friendly.

Padhaaro mare desh is a commonly heard folk song in Rajasthan. It literally translated to welcome to my county/ state.

Founded by Ish Jindal in 2012, ” Pashaaro” is a Bangalore based Indian startup that helps tourists experience a city like the locals. The mission is to enable cultural exchange, build a community, help travellers have a fun and safe trip in India and empower locals to share their experiences with others. Each experience showcased on Padhaaro is facilitated by Greeters and Local Experts who have been selected and vetted through a stringent process, so that the tourist can get to meet and interact with reliable local people.

16. Guiddoo
Guiddoo is a one-stop shop for in-destination experiences. It was founded by Vineet Budki, Nidhi Varma, Darshan Sharma and Prashant Choudhary in 2013.

This application aims at enhancing the travel experience by audio- visual guides for monuments in addition to  lesser known facts, historical and architectural significance of places. These are available easily on your mobile application.

nearify3117. Nearify
Founded by Mayank Kumar, Saurav Singh and Vivek Srivastava in 2012, Nearify is an app which allows you to discover a whole lot of events happening near and far.

Nearify will detect your location or select a location of your interest, anywhere on the globe, and see an enormous list of events load within seconds. The application can also be used to find out about whats happening in other locations across the world in case you are travelling and wish to plan your itinerary.

It is the most important application to have if you don’t want to miss out on the social events of the particular city.

18. Beyond Travel
Beyond Travel is a Bangalore based startup and has been founded by Vikram Ahuja last year. The application offers more than 100 unforgettable travel experiences from 40 countries across the globe. One can see various travel experiences varying from wildlife adventures, houseboat explorations, Himalayan Treks , deep-sea diving in etc.

The startup provides individuals with packages that cater to all sets of individuals. These packages range from 50,000 to 1.5 lakhs.




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