12 useful Google products and services that you didn’t know about!

12 useful Google products and services that you didn’t know about!


Gmail, Google Drive, Google Forms are all products from Google that we are familiar with, but did you know that you can explore space, examine famous pieces of art, and even plan a wedding with Google? Read on to learn some of the coolest products and features that are right at your fingertips to use, brought to you by the corporate giant!

1. Google Keep:
A note, reminder, to-do list app for desktop and smartphone. You can also share your notes with others or set a reminder.

Google Keep screen shot

2. Timer with Google Search
You don’t need a timer app when you can just type in any amount of time plus the word “timer” (e.g. “1 minute timer”) in Google! When time is up, an alarm will sound.

Google timer

3. Google Scholar:
Google Scholar is a specialized search engine that indexes most peer-reviewed journals in Europe and America, as well as scholarly books and some non-peer reviewed journals. Google Scholar does not provide access to academic journals, although your institution may have subscribed to the needed publication. You can also buy the article.

4. Panoramio:
Panoramio is a photosharing service with geo-location built on top of Google Maps. Users take photos and plot them over the real-world locations. Find hidden gems for you and your friends to explore!


5. Google Sky:
Explore space without leaving your bed! Images of stars, constellations, galaxies, planets are sourced from NASA, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the Hubble Telescope. (You can also explore Google Mars and Google Moon!)

Google Sky

6. Google Fonts:
A favourite of web designers, Google Fonts provide you with hundreds of free, open-source fonts optimized for the web. Though originally designed for use on websites, Google Fonts have partnered with Fonts.com to provide desktop versions free of charge.

Google fonts

 7. Google Art Project:
Tour partner museums and zoom in on priceless pieces of art. World-renown art institutions are part of the project. You can explore the White House, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, and the Palace of Versailles.

museum of delhi in google art project

 8. Google Wedding:
Google wants to help you plan your perfect day, such as announcing the news, locate a venue and more. They have even created a wedding template to help with the logistics!

google wedding landing page

9. Google Public Data:
Explore and visualize publicly available data from 135 data poviders, from world class institutions such as The World Bank, the IMF, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and more. You can find World Development Indicators, life expectancy across the world, unemployment statistics and more.


 10. Google “Translate Manual” Feature:
You can draw characters or symbols in Google Translate and find out what it means! How helpful for travelling in foreign countries using logographic languages (e.g. Chinese)


11. Think With Google:
Digital marketers, check out Think With Google, a resource for of the latest consumer stats and for your next digital campaign and business strategy. With data in 14 industries and 6 platforms, you are sure to find new insights.


12. That large number you don’t know what to call in words? Yeah, we all have been there. 
Type a long string of numbers plus “=english”, and Google will help you figure out how to say it. This feature works for numbers up to 13 numeric values. This feature only works in English so far.

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