How to Instagram the smarter way | 10 Essential Tools For Instagramers!

How to Instagram the smarter way | 10 Essential Tools For Instagramers!


tagboard-graphic1. Tagboard
Tagboard utilizes hashtags to hunt down and gather open online networking inside of seconds of being presented on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, just to give some examples. Robust tools offer the power to select specific posts to feature on websites, in broadcast TV, and on large displays.

You must be thinking why do we need a tool for hashtags. So here you go- No other social disclosure component has the same rate, flexibility, and across the board selection as the hashtag. It may appear quirky or stylish to some, yet the hashtag is an intense device that unites individuals around regular hobbies and objectives. We trust each group needs a hashtag, and each hashtag needs a tagboard.

minterio2. helps you track your instagram analytics and provides you the following features for the account management.

  • You can monitor your audience’s growth over time, their gender, location. Also you can track important follows and unfollows.
  • You have an option to find out what kinds of posts are most engaging and what drives the most interactions. Accordingly you can create better content.
  • You can monitor your performance on instagram among your competitors.
  • Your reports can be exported to PDF and Powerpoint and you get the chance to save and share among your contacts.
  • It provides you an iPad optimised reports too.

SchedueGram-Screen-750x4953. Schedugram
ScheduGram was created to let brands manage their Instagram accounts using a simple and low-cost interface. ScheduGram spares your time by giving you a chance to transfer and schedule pictures to post later on to various Instagram accounts. Whether you’re creating a unique Instagram campaign or planning to post your images or video in advance, ScheduGram lets you schedule any content to be posted at a future date and time.


4. Iconosquare
Iconosquare allows you to:

  • Promote your Instagram account across other social networks with feed tabs or photo widgets.
  • Manage your community and their comments on a user-friendly platform.
  • Analyse your activity through professional statistics.
  • Engage your community with photo contests: Set up, promote, moderate, monitor and publish results of an Instagram contest all within Iconosquare.


5. INK361
INK361 gives you a chance to get to and associate with the Instagram photograph sharing system by means of the web. Individuals use INK361 to share their own particular photographs, to find new photographs and photographers, and to investigate the world one photograph at once progressively.

The very best thing INK361 offers is that you can view Instagram photos in full size and communicate with your friends conveniently with a large keyboard. This makes photo sharing more fun because the pictures can be of your friends, family, or perfect strangers, and taken in places you can easily explore now.

maxresdefault6. Repost
Repost for Instagram makes it simple to #Repost your most loved photographs & features on Instagram while offering credit to the first Instagramer. You can easily Find that photo you liked in Instagram and easily repost it. You can see what and who is getting reposted the most.


7. SnapWidget
SnapWidget permits you to show a progressively updated Instagram photograph gallery on your site or blog. This can be as a network format gadget, slideshow or photo map gives clients the capacity to explore the spots you’ve Instagramed.

To add SnapWidget to your site you can either utilize your Instagram username or an Instagram hashtag (for instance #food or #funny) to create the gadget. You then duplicate and glue the produced code scrap into your site where you would like the gadget showed.

SnapWidget will consequently pull the most recent photographs from your record (or hashtag) at regular intervals. This implies you just need to produce the gadget once and glue it into your site, after that the gadget will upgrade consequently.


8. Piqora
Piqora is based on a world class innovation base that files countless new pictures day by day and empowers brands to get quick access to custom reports and calendar a large number of pins consistently.

Piqora’s central goal is to help brands associate with clients truly on the visual web.


9. Picdeck
Ever wished there is a tool like Tweetdeck for Instagram? There is and it’s called Picdeck. With Picdeck, you can now make segments of clients and hashtags to better track them. Starting now, the web application doesn’t consider posting posts. In any case, it beyond any doubt beats Instagram’s own site in hunt and hierarchical capacities on the web.

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10. Pic Stitch
You can consolidate various photographs into one perfectly framed picture. Pic Stitch packs a simple design with an intense supervisor to give you all that you could need to make your photograph’s basically stunning.

Share your pictures on your most loved online networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.




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