15 skills that you can learn in 5 minutes or less |...

15 skills that you can learn in 5 minutes or less | How many have you already ticked off your list?


In a recent thread from reddit, people talk about one skill, according to them, that everyone can master under 5 minutes.

1. “How to operate a fire extinguisher. There is surprisingly little focus on this in education and yes, you can read the instructions on the canister — but if the fire’s big enough that you actually consider using a fire extinguisher, that is probably not the time to be reading said instructions.”

2. “How to unjam a copier and change toner. This is a skill I actively hide from all employees in my workplace, because once it gets out that I can do this I inevitably get called in to do it anywhere in the building. This has happened in my past four jobs.”

3. “Change a flat tire.”

4. “How to hand sew! I am ‘the sewing girl’ in my group of friends and they’re always coming to me over the tiniest little tears in their clothes as if sewing is too hard of a skill and common plebians shouldn’t even try to learn it.”

5. “How to tie a square knot. It’s one of the easiest knots to learn how to tie, and probably the most useful to know.”

6. “Fry an egg. It is the gateway stove-top cooking protein. It is cheap to experiment on, tastes decent, and currently is trendy to put on top of whatever other garbage you cooked to “elevate” it.”

7. “Hands only CPR! Its quite simple and needs absolutely no mouth to mouth contact. Very simple (rhythm based) and quick to learn. Never know when you need it.”

8. “How to properly shake someone’s hand and introduce yourself.”

9. “How to peel garlic. Take the clove of garlic and smash it with the side of your knife. The skin should peel right off.”

10. “Building a fire. It could save your life if you’re ever stuck in a bad situation.”

11. “Sometimes I feel like using a search engine is a rare and precious skill. There are so many people in my life who have complained about problems that I solved with 30 seconds of internet searching. I don’t know what the secret it, maybe a slightly above average understanding of boolean and basic, but people think I’m a goddamn wizard and all it takes is 10 minutes of searching for solutions on the internet.”

12. “Folding your own laundry.”

13. “The correct usage of “your” or “there”.”

14. “How to tie a tie.”

15. “Washing your hands like an adult. Hot water – as hot as you can handle. Soap – not that anti-bacterial stuff, you’re just getting the nastiness off your hands, you’re not performing heart surgery, and a little bit of bad germs is good for keeping your immune system at the ready.

Get your hands a little wet, soap them up and scrub. Use your nails for the scrubbing, don’t just squish your hands together. And get rid of that nasty junk under the nails as well.”






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