18 Highest Paying Jobs at Facebook.

18 Highest Paying Jobs at Facebook.


18.  Account Executive:
Salary: $62,617
Responsibilities: The Account Executive will be responsible for a variety of customer facing activities and will own all post sale responsibilities including Current Clients and Demand Partners Relationships, Campaign Management, and Optimization. The successful candidate will be highly detail oriented, well organized, have the ability to work under tight deadlines and manage competing priorities.

17. Software Engineering Intern:
Salary: $77,544
Responsibilities: Code high-volume software using primarily C++ and Java, create web applications using primarily PHP, implement web interfaces using XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and build report interfaces and data feeds.

16. Site Reliability Engineer:
Salary: $77,667
Responsibilities: Facebook’s SRE team is tasked with making sure the site is up and running 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. To support a global user base, they keep a watchful eye on our various internal and external monitoring tools and systems so you’re able to connect and share with friends and family regardless of whether it is noon in New York or midnight in Manila. The SRE team is empowered with the knowledge and responsibility to fix just about any operational issue we may encounter, problem solve with other Technical Operations and Engineering teams as appropriate, and follow any issue through to its completion.

15. Recruiter:
Salary: $92,143
Responsibilities: The Technical Recruiter owns and drives the recruiting process from end-to-end and develop strategies to find candidates for Facebook’s Engineering, Mobile, Product and Infrastructure departments. They also deliver candidate experience that lends genuine insight into their culture and what it’s really like to work there.

14. Operations Engineer:
Salary: $99,010
Responsibilities: Operations Engineers at Facebook are hybrid software/systems engineers who ensure that Facebook’s core infrastructure run smoothly and have the capacity for future growth. They work with the core infrastructure teams and own cluster deployments.
13. Project Manager:
Salary: $104,200
Responsibilities: As a Project Manager, you plan requirements with internal customers and usher projects through the entire project life cycle. This includes managing project schedules, identifying risks, costs and clearly communicating them to project stakeholders.
12. SoftwareEngineer(Fresh-out-of-college):
Salary: $106,000
Responsibilities: In addition to software development, duties may involve evaluating third party and open source software, interacting with various other Engineering teams and working with network hardware vendors. There is a wide range of areas to work on, spanning next-gen data center networking architecture (e.g., OpenFlow), content delivery networks, network monitoring, analysis, modeling and management, etc.
10. Software Engineer (Experienced):
Salary: $118,454
Responsibilities: After working at Facebook for  a substantial amount of time, you’d be paid considerably more than when you joined, and would have a chance to command a higher position in the organization. Your job here includes – building new features and improve existing products like Photos, Video, Places, NewsFeed, Search, Mobile and Messaging, solving unique, large scale, highly complex technical problems, working on the next-generation systems behind Facebook’s products, create web applications that reach millions of people, build high volume servers and be a part of a team that’s working to help people connect with each other around the globe.
9. Business Development Manager:
Salary: $115,000
Responsibilities: This means you work with teams across sales, marketing operations, legal, webmasters, product development, engineering, outsourced vendors and more. You will be asked to demonstrate leadership, creative thinking and innovative marketing vision to grow our small and medium businesses.
8. User Interface Engineer:
Salary: $115,299
Responsibilities: As a User Interface Engineer, you will work closely with product teams throughout the design process to identify opportunities for research, choose the appropriate methods, conduct the research and analyze and present results. Your toolbox should consist of both qualitative and quantitative methods, such as expert reviews, user tests, and journal studies, as well as experiments, surveys and A/B testing.
7.  Network Engineer:
Salary: $124,650
Responsibilities: Network Engineer are supposed to make sure that Facebook is up and running at all times,by pushing important updates and checking in and checking out the necessary code.

6. Research Scientist:
Salary: $129,615
Responsibilities: Individuals in this role should be experts in acoustic modeling, including discriminative training, neural networks, and machine learning, and have experience working on large quantities of data. The candidate will help Facebook conduct research, the field of which differs from person to person, but generally revolves around figuring out what’s working and what is not and answering questions related to data crunching and analysis.

5. Engineering Manager:
Salary: $155,976
Responsibilities: Engineering Managers are clearly characterized by progressive technical experience and demonstrated progression in management responsibility. You have also kept your coding skills sharp and bring an unwavering passion for managing the dynamics of a fast-paced environment.

4. Machine Learning Engineer:
Salary: $123,421
Responsibilities: The role asks for the usual suspects in terms of quantitative know-how: Good understanding of fundamentals of statistics and expertise with various machine learning techniques are must-haves. As for the technology stack, deep knowledge of (or desire to swiftly learn) Python in the context of scientific coding and distributed computing and some SQL are pretty much required to get anything done.

3. Product Manager:
Salary: $139,986
Responsibilities: Move quickly to develop and launch products that improve people’s experiences, manage short- and long-term roadmaps for machine learning and research teams, integrate usability studies, research and market analysis into product requirements, define and analyze metrics that ensure success.2. Senior Software Engineer:
Salary: $148,593
Responsibilities: Work closely with  –  product and design teams to define feature specifications, with operations and infrastructure to build and scale back-end services, build report interfaces and data feeds, to create products that more than 1 billion people around the world use.

1. Engineer Manager:
Salary: $155,976
Responsibilities: An Engineer Manager lies at the top of the food chain of engineers working to give shape to Facebook’s various products. These driven individuals manage these teams, the tasks assigned to them and aim at delivering the best possible result in the least possible time.

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