4 Women Entrepreneurs talk about their startup journey in India.

4 Women Entrepreneurs talk about their startup journey in India.


In the past few decades women have taken lead in every field one could imagine. They have persevered in the roughest and most demanding of professions and achieved results which have surprised the whole world.

As entrepreneurship bug is spreading all over the country, still being a woman entrepreneur is not something that is easily accepted in India. In India, women are supposed to do a 9-5 like job of cooking; taking care of children and do other household stuff. But there are some women who stand out of the crowd with their enthusiasm of achieving the best and serve the society.

We had interviewed some of the women entrepreneurs and talked about their thoughts on “How tough is it to be a woman entrepreneur in India?”

Sreowshi Sinha, Frugal Labs

Sreowshi Sinha

About The Startup:

Frugal Labs is a hardware tech start up, primarily provides training and workshops in schools, engineering colleges and also to professionals PAN India. The company also provides prototype and service for all the upcoming technologies. Internet of things or IoT is one of them.

Sreowshi’s Take on Women Entrepreneurship in India:

According to me I would say my experiences in this were much better. I had to face most of all the common problems that an entrepreneur has to face in her journey of success. Nothing big came to me as a woman entrepreneur.  On the contrary I had always gained respect and good wishes and appreciations from the society as a woman entrepreneur. But as entrepreneurship needs lots of time and effort so sometimes it becomes difficult to cop up with one’s personal life and this I think mainly happens more with Women. Which we all have to adjust considering we are making some changes in the society.

So I would like to conclude it was pleasure to experiences such a trilling journey of 2.5 years, expecting lot more to come in my future years of entrepreneurship. Just to mention I am heading to a new venture which is in to Travel.

Tejaswi Palabathuni, InnoGarage

Tejaswi Palabathuni, InnoGarage

About The Startup:
Innogarage focuses on working with hand in glove with the corporates to develop integrated solutions on Corporate Social Responsibility starting from the inception, implementation and impact assessment. Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the most sought out topics of corporate India. This discussion has become even more relevant after the legislature has been passed mandating the companies to spend 2% of their net profits on CSR.

Tejaswi’s Take On Women Entrepreneurship In India:

Being a women entrepreneur has its own pros and cons. The major issue would be family and society, where women are expected to get married and work in a normal corporate environment without any tension in a 9-5 Job. When one is running a startup we are going against the tide.

Rincy Sara Samuel, Rozanne Aesthetic Clinic

Rincy Sara Samuel, Rozanne Aesthetic Clinic

About The Startup:

Rozanne is a startup focusing on Aesthetic medical services space. It is one of its kind clinics that caters to all types of skin, hair and weight loss concerns and management and currently covers Allopathy and Homeopathic modes of treatment that is most suitable for the given disorder.  Rozanne also covers counseling and camouflage makeup artistry for those with visible skin disorders.

Rincy’s Take On Women Entrepreneurship In India:

It took me almost 8 months to do a thorough research in this field, prepare a plan and strategy and finally go live. I am now 3 months into operations. Currently, I manage the roles of a Business development manager, marketing, creating brand awareness, operations, HR etc. I am also a mother with 2 little kids and this certainly has been a herculean task to juggle the various roles.

Janani Balasubramanian, Kaagitham

Janani Balasubramanian, Kaagitham

Women all over the world agree on one thing – The love for jewelry! When a piece of jewelry is beautiful, affordable, colorful and enticing, a roaring beast cannot stop a woman from picking it up!

‘Kaagitham’ specializes in creating quilled (paper) jewelry for women and kids. Paper jewelry is made up of rolled strips of paper shaped and stuck into designs that are then waterproofed and made firm and sturdy and perfect for everyday usage.

Janani’s Take On Women Entrepreneurship In India:

This is the best time for any woman to jump into owning her own business and I would strongly ask every one of you out there with entrepreneurial dreams to start it right now. We are in a phase where there are neither so little women entrepreneurs that they are discouraged, secluded and pushed out nor there are too many that they become a common occurrence! People love to see a woman run her own business and you are treated like someone special. My customers and sellers respect my decision to tread the less chosen path and I receive a lot of pat on the back and words of encouragement where ever I go. Being an entrepreneur is challenging by itself and being a woman definitely does not make it worse. Go take the bull by its horns and prove to yourself your worth.

This article was written by Akanksha Samar for Thestartupjournal. 

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