5 Fantastic tools that you can use to track what people are...

5 Fantastic tools that you can use to track what people are saying about you or your brand on the internet!


office-freelancer-computer-business-38604There is no way you are going to skimp out on online reputation management. It is in the same way that companies cannot fail to have a team of experts on public relations. The image that your brand has in the public is very important. With the internet making the world a village, gossip is likely going to spread very fast. It does not matter whether you did it or not; as long as it is juicy gossip then it is going to move faster than wild fire. Tracking the information regarding your business is very difficult. This is especially so if you have not automated this technology.

Let’s just say that if you are spending hours on end tracking your brand on the internet then you are wasting your time. There are so many other things that you would rather be doing instead of wasting your time monitoring the social media mentions, blog comments and generally mentions on the worldwide web. There are tools available to help make that work easier. You can easily find yourself significantly tied up trying to figure out how your brand is performing on the internet. Some of the tools mentioned in this article are free but others will need you to fork out some cash. All in all they are the best that are available and they will considerably reduce the time that is spent on online brand management.

1. Naymz:
When it comes to tracking a brand’s social influence then Naymz is one of the finest tools available. Social influence is an important part of online reputation. The most interesting feature of this tool is the RepScore. This one will rate your influence across various social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so much more. There are also some tools that have been built-in to boost your personal brand, track your visitors and also compare your rank with those of the industry leaders. This is on top of monitoring Bing and Google for brand mentions. All of these you will be able to do from one platform. The Naymz basic plan is free but if you want to go for the premium plans then you will pay a fee that is no less than $12 monthly.

2. Trackur: This one is a little bit more costly than Naymz with their premium plans starting at $27 for each month. The basic plan is also free though. Trackur is a fantastic tool for social media
monitoring. It is so efficient that it gives you an instant notification whenever your brand is mentioned. This means that you will be able to respond immediately and appropriately even when you are not damaging your eyes staring at your Twitter or Facebook news feed.

Trackur comes with built-in analytic tools that help to take your business ORM to another level. You will be able to keep track and analyze trends more efficiently with this tool. For instance what marketing efforts are proving most beneficial? Trackur is going to help you get there.

3. Brandseye: Unlike the abovementioned tools, Brandseye is not limited to social media platforms. This one comes with a full set of features that make ORM simpler than taking a walk in the park. You will be able to get email notifications whenever your brand is mentioned on the internet. This is on top of being able to track conversations as well as compare metrics using your business’ internal data. You will be able to figure out exactly where conversations start concerning your business. Brandseye makes it possible to tap into marketing opportunities that you would have otherwise missed out on if you spent hours on end watching Facebook activities. For this tool you will cough up a good $220 every month. This is in the least but it is worth every penny.

4. Rankur: Let’s get back to more affordable tools for startup businesses. Rankur is going to see you pay only $14 per month for the premium plans and enjoy free service if you work with the basic plan. The best thing about Rankur is that it helps you to discover the trending topics.

Any content marketer who is worth their salt knows just how important this is. To add onto that, this tool will help you track your social media presence as well as manage online reputation even more effectively. It comes with some impressive reporting capabilities that will narrow results by demographics and other criteria. This helps to really get into the details of how your branding efforts and marketing messages are operating.

5. SocialMention: SocialMention is totally free. It is going to scour the social sphere for mentions of your brand. This includes blogs, videos, images, microblogs and even questions in those online forums. What is most interesting about this tool is that it will search the social platforms for just about any key phrase you type in. Do you want to know what people are saying about your competitor? This is the tool that you can use for that.

The results it produces are very detailed. It breaks down the sources, users, measure of positivity or negativity of a conversations as well as overall reach. It does not come with automated tools and so you will have to actively check the tool frequently. It will not give you notifications of mentions but then it is still a good tool to work with.

Conclusion: There is no reason why you should waste precious time trying to figure out what people are saying about your brand or its products. The above tools are going to help you manage your online reputation; especially on the social media platforms. Keeping track of your brand’s online activities is not going to be easy, but then these tools will make the work almost effortless.

It is worth closing by mentioning that these tools are not limited to those big corporations alone. This would be similar to saying that ORM is for the established businesses only.

Startups and small businesses are also going to benefit greatly from these tools.

Author Bio – Abhishek Srivastav is a professional writer working with RBS Reputation Management, a sister company of Ethane Web Technologies. He loves writing about SEO, and social media reputation management. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.




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