5 Habits That Might Be Killing Your Productivity: Workplace Tips

5 Habits That Might Be Killing Your Productivity: Workplace Tips

Are you killing your productivity with these workplace mistakes? Read our workplace tips to know what might be coming between you and your productivity.


Workplace tips to help you increase your productivity.
Workplace tips to help you increase your productivity.

You might be giving your all to your work, working zealously, responding to emails, spending hours on the desk and trying to perfect things. Though it might seem like you are doing everything in your power to turn things in your favour, you might actually be killing your productivity by pursuing some of these things. Here are some workplace tips to keep you away from workplace toxins.

Checking emails

Email is an important platform for communication these days. From bosses to colleagues, everyone uses emails to stay connected inside office and share important work details. While email is a great form of communication, frequently checking your email might be killing your productivity.

Frequently checking and responding to emails might mean that you won’t be able to build the necessary concentration required to do a job.

Falling in the rut

You are a unique person. The company that chose you to intern at their place did so, so that you could learn and bring your own individuality to the table. If you fall in the rut of doing the things everyone else had been doing, copying their path or doing it the way it has always been done will result in the same results. And there won’t be anything unique about you that will help you stand out.

Being too hard on yourself

It is great to aim for perfection. We all grow up hearing that if you aim for the moon, you will fall among the stars (the fact that stars are technically farther away doesn’t apply to this saying). So, it is great to aim for the moon, but being disappointed if you don’t hit the bull’s eye in the first attempt itself and blaming yourself for it will be a little too much.

You can only achieve something by repeatedly working on it. Trying to be a perfectionist from the word go itself will only add pressure on you and might hamper your productivity.

Working without break

Sitting for long hours in front of your desk might not mean anything if you are not productive. In fact, sitting for so long and working continuously might actually come in the way of your productivity. Taking a short break from work every 90 minutes or so will replenish your energy and help you feel rejuvenated.

Sitting and working without break will clog your thoughts and you will make more mistakes and be slower at your work than you would want to be.


Multitasking will only result in low productivity. The quality and the quantity of your work will suffer if you multi-task. While too many cooks spoil the broth, cooking too many things at once will mean less attention to each and a poor meal altogether.

You will be more productive and more efficient if you focus on one work at a time instead of diverting your mind in multiple directions.

With these workplace tips, you can actually bring your productivity up and notice the difference in the quality of your work. Keep calm and give your best to your internship without burning yourself out. And if you are still looking for the perfect internship, browse through the Letsintern portal and find virtual internships and winter internships, even part-time internships and full-time internships of your choice.