5 Internship Interview Tips For People Who Get Really Nervous

5 Internship Interview Tips For People Who Get Really Nervous

Internship interview tips to help you be more confident during an internship interview and make the right impression on the interviewer.


Internship interview tips to not be so nervous.
Internship interview tips to not be so nervous.

Do you get really nervous during interviews? Yes? Then here are some interesting internship interview tips for you to take note of to not be so nervous during your next interview outing.

Prepare, over-prepare

Sometimes, preparing for an internship interview is not enough. You need to over-prepare in order to not get so nervous and perform your best. So, go on a reading spree. Read everything about the company, what bloggers have to say about it, the work environment, the objective and the larger goal. Look up the terms you come across and which strike you as being unfamiliar. Read them up, and you will realise that you feel more confident.

Go back to your basics and read some more. And you will realise how much easier the next internship interview will be.

Reach early

If like me you are one of those people who gets flustered when they reach anywhere late or barely on time then super helpful of all internship interview tips will surely guide you on. Reach at least half an hour before the expected time to settle in and get the chance to work on your nervous. An easier way to ensure you reach the interview venue early would be to lay out your clothing the night before and plan a thorough trip to the venue and back, with taking the traffic into consideration.

Arriving early will also give you an opportunity to take bearings of your surrounding. How people interact with one another and what is the work environment really like.

Get the notepad and pen out

Taking notes can help a lot, especially during an internship interview. If your mind has the bad habit of wandering away when someone is talking, or if you find it hard to keep your hands from shaking during an interview, then you should definitely try taking notes. For one, it will help you stay focused on what you are saying and what the interviewer is saying during the interview.

It will also help you retain things better and keep your mind from pressing the panic button as you will be too busy taking notes.

Laugh at yourself

Nothing works better than a good sense of humour. And the first step towards sporting a good humour is learning to laugh at yourself. If you make any mistake or goof up at any point of time then laugh and correct yourself. Laughing will keep you from being too nervous and will also help you make all the right impressions on the interviewer.

Laughing will also project you as a more confident person who is not scared to own up to his/her mistakes and take it in the stride.

Practice and practice and practice

Practice is the key to leave all the nervousness behind and walk in more confidently during an internship interview. If you lose your nerves easily then practicing in a stimulated environment that will allow you to work on your interview skills by asking you real-time questions and recording the answer. For that, you can go for a product like the Mock-AI and take the interview and get a comprehensive feedback on how and where you went wrong and what more you can do to sound more confident and improve your interview giving skills.

So, make use of these internship interview tips to bag every internship (whether it be a full-time internship or part-time internship) and take home the intern trophy with confidence.




  1. Thanks for this great blog this information really helpful for fresher students and job seekers. Job interviews make us feel really nervous. I want to share four success tips for introverted intern’s i.e. Don’t let nervousness control you, Introduce yourself to one new coworker a day, Prepare your questions before you ask them, Accept that you will make mistakes.