5 Quick Tips for creating a better work-life balance, when you’re an...

5 Quick Tips for creating a better work-life balance, when you’re an entrepreneur.


featureA number of research studies show that one of the most important factors individuals look for while applying for a job is a good work-life balance. As an entrepreneur it is even more difficult to achieve that. According to a study by American Express Small Business Monitor, about two-thirds of small business owners find it stressful trying to balance their personal and business lives.

Here are a few tips that can help you improve your work-life balance as an entrepreneur;

  1. Learn to let go: As you expand your company, it is crucial to hire individuals appropriate for the job and let them take over from there. It is essential that you provide them with adequate training and then let them work on their own. your employees will make mistakes at first but that shouldn’t be a reason you take on all the work load. delegate the work and be a team player.
  2. Plan ahead: Plan your work and leisure well in advance. Planning work in advance helps you be more organised and ensures your work is taken care off in a systematic manner. In case of  planning a leisure trip ensure you plan it in such a time when your business required lesser attention than usual.
  3. Establish rules of Engagement: Give your employees a line to reach you. You don’t have to be available 24*7, however it is important that your subcontractors can reach you easily during the working hours. If it is required then give your employees a definition of what constitutes an emergency, however at the same time do not loose your temper if they call too often. Take this opportunity to teach them.
  4. Take long weekends off: This may sound completely unprofessional however being able to stay away from work and yet have it running properly is an art you must master. Taking long weekends off and figuring out how to manage your work can be tricky at first but once you’ve learnt how to go about it you can easily take a week off without disrupting everyday work affairs.
  5. Take time off, mentally: Taking rest is extremely important. Rest does not only constitute the physical aspect but also mental. It is important you give your soul rest too. Some things are even more important than your business. Take up physical activities as a part of your everyday routine. It is a well known fact that physical activity helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression apart from various other metal health issues.




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