5 reasons you are not getting that promotion you’ve been waiting for!

5 reasons you are not getting that promotion you’ve been waiting for!


1. You’re not curious: If you are not a very curious person it may stand in the way of you getting the promotion you’ve been waiting for. Not questioning thing, and being a smile-and-nod person, can give an impression of not wanting to learn from your end. It is important that everyone feels that you are invested in your job and are always willing to come up with new ways to contribute to the organization.

2. You’re a ‘yes boss’ person: If you agree all the time only to stay in the good books of your boss, then change that. Bosses will appreciate you for having an opinion. Take a stand and speak your mind. Nobody likes to work with a push over. Individuality is always appreciated. However ensure that you are not taking a different stand only for the sake of it. Do your research.

3. You are still very basic in terms of skill set: If you still have the same skills you had when you started this job, you’re in trouble. Companies grow and employees are expected to keep up with them. There are certain additional skills that your boss expects you to have after you have spent considerable amount of time in the organization, and not being proficient in these skills can stand in the way of a promotion. Analyse yourself and make sure you have build up on at least 2 new skills from the time your joined.

4. Be self sufficient: Asking your boss for each and everything can be very annoying. Try to figure things out for yourself before you ask your boss for help. Research if you need to. You may believe that asking your boss can give a good impression but asking too much can actually work in the wrong way for you. You need to figure things out for yourself.

5. You are too good at your job: It is always good to work hard at your job, but if no one else in the company can do your job better than you, then you’d never be able to move on from your initial role. Work smart. This does not mean that you turn away from additional responsibilities, but learn to balance things out.




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