5 Reasons You Should Take An Internship In Hyderabad This Summer

5 Reasons You Should Take An Internship In Hyderabad This Summer


internship in Hyderabad

Don’t make your summer internship a monotonous job by just picking up any kind that comes your way. Add a fun and additional learning experience to it by doing it from another city.

And what better than an internship in Hyderabad when we talk about that?

It’s no random map and dart method that we chose Hyderabad.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should take an internship in Hyderabad this summer:


It’s A Growing Job-hub

After Bangalore, Hyderabad is one city which has grown tremendously in terms of industries and company offices. So obviously, there has been a rapid growth in job and internship opportunities. Top companies from India and the world have their centers in Hyderabad which makes it a desirable option while looking for internships in India.



With the rise in job opportunities, the city has also prepared itself for the rising population. It is well-managed with good accommodation available around the job-hubs of the city. The traffic is also very well controlled with ease of conveyance as an added benefit.

Hyderabad is also well connected through Indian railways and airways. So, for doing an internship in Hyderabad, you don’t need to worry about these basic (but essential) aspects of everyday life in a city.


Internships for all streams

Though Hyderabad is mostly considered an IT hub, it isn’t entirely true in essence. Not only IT, but Hyderabad is also racing competitively in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industries among others. And to run these industries, you need management and other players too. So, all in all, you can find internships in Hyderabad for almost all streams.


The perfect start-up culture

If you are looking for internships, it is probable that you would prefer it in a well-known and big enough company. But since you can fit in more than a single internship in your course structure, it is well recommended that you do one of your internships in a start-up venture.

That’s because start-ups provide you with opportunities that big companies won’t trust you with. You are into the real work and learn various aspects of your job and the industry. And when it comes to start-ups, Hyderabad is regarded highly for the most number of successful start-ups.

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Culture & History

It might not be a very important factor from a job or an internship point of view but is pretty fundamental to one’s overall personality development. Summer internships are basically learning opportunities where you are expected to gain experience in your field. What if your academic experience is extended to a life experience? It would be a cherry on the cake.

Not only would living in surviving in a new city by your own increase your confidence but a city like Hyderabad which is culturally and historically rich, would add to your experience of the world around you. You can always utilize your weekends and holidays to roam around and know the city. So, it’s a dual deal, internship, and a holiday package!



Almost everyone does summer internships in the contemporary academic and job scenario but what you extract out of it depends entirely on you as an individual. You can choose to do it like everyone else, and get to mention it in your job resume or go the other way and use it to your best benefit both personally and professionally.

An internship in Hyderabad will introduce you to every aspect of your job life that you can expect once you are into the industry as an employee. And trust us; this experience goes a long way with you!




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