5 Things a Fresher should do in their First month of College!

5 Things a Fresher should do in their First month of College!

Starting your college soon? Here are a few tips to make the transition easier.


College LifeThe anticipation of the life in college in a fresher’s mind is euphoric which certainly makes him/her expect more and more. However, with all the unexpected twists and turns, a college has to offer, there are a few things which should definitely get a place on your ‘Things to do in the first-month’ check-list. And these are five essentials that you should mark as a priority:

How does the travel work:

Not all of us are lucky enough to get dropped to and picked up from college. And the microscopic minority that owns a vehicle doesn’t really need to work on this. But for all those who shall rely on public transport for the next three years of their life, this is of utmost importance. Understand how the Delhi metro works, learn to bargain from auto-wallahs and try to get those bus numbers right. You need to know what you’re stepping on to (pun intended) within the very first month of college!

It’s all about food

Face it, when you’re out on your own and you have a canteen/café serving delicious food just footsteps away, there’s a very less chance that you’re going to go slow on it. Know your college canteen, ask what it’s known for. Try something new every day, and it’s all worth the expense. Find good eating places around your accommodation/home because at times all you want is delicious midnight meal during exams. After all, everything is better with some good food (and well, wine; thanks to Tyrion Lannister) in the belly.


No matter how elevated a soul you may consider yourself, introduce yourself. Speak around to people. Everyone in your class is as uncomfortable and uncertain as you are. Take some time out to meet new people, get to know them. Find your circle, open up a little. You certainly don’t want no one to mess up with during that boring Maths lecture!

Explore around

This holds for all outstation kids. Coming to a new city, away from your comfort zone- your hometown can be intimidating. And to make this new place yours, you need to bring out the explorer in you. Take off with your roommates/hostel-mates or just alone if nothing and know all about your surroundings. You certainly don’t want to live the next few months of your life figuring stuff out. Find the closest market (for that spontaneous shopping spree), the stationery (for the last moment projects and submissions), the closest theatre (because at times all you need is a cheesy Bollywood flick) and places you may wish to go when your parents (or boyfriend) visit.

Find your way about in college

Put on your investigator caps and figure out all about college. Know who the HoD is, where your department teachers ‘chill’, whom to talk to for those ECA slips, whom to reach for NSS/Library/Attendance clearance and find more about who that cute teacher is (though that’s a rarity but what’s the harm in a good imagination?). Make your college life all you anticipated it to be, it might just turn out to be bigger and better!

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