5 Things Which Show That An Unpaid Internship Is Worth It

5 Things Which Show That An Unpaid Internship Is Worth It


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College internships have got many definitions over the years. One of them defines it as a medium to earn some extra money while you are still studying. But that’s not the only criteria to define an internship; and definitely not the most important one.

The most crucial aspect of an internship is its value addition to your career growth, which can be gained even from an unpaid internship.

But is an unpaid internship worth your time and efforts? Well, if it is sheer exploitation on part of the employer than no.

But if it has something valuable to offer you, then why not?

So, today we talk about the 5 things which show that an unpaid internships are worth every minute and effort you put in it. Let’s have a look:

Brand Name

A brand name helps you add stars to your resume and make it stronger in the job market. And technically, it is one of the most important internship benefits you get as it adds a brand name to your resume. A big and reputed name also means your demand increases in the market because you have worked with such an organization.

So, if you are getting an unpaid internship in a big company which can offer you such internship benefits, don’t say no to it.

Learning opportunities

College internships are not only about reaping internship benefits like job desirability and extra pocket money. It is also largely about what you learn from these internships. So, if an unpaid internship is offering you learning opportunities which can help you further in your career, think no more!

Following your passion

Each of the internships you do need not to be limited to your stream. You can also do a part-time internship which is about your hobbies or passion. For example, if you are looking for a content writing internship while studying for a degree in commerce, you might have to compromise on the stipend due to lack of practical as well as theoretical experience.

But given that it is your passion and opens new doors of exploration for you, there’s no harm in doing these kinds of college internships.

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Future Prospects

Look at the bigger picture. If you are offered an unpaid internship in an organization which provides extended pre-placement offers to interns at the end of the term, wouldn’t you like to accept the offer? So, basically, you are not getting paid but still, it can secure you a job if you perform well.

Talking of internship benefits, what more would one want than a full-fledged job even before their course is completed?

Networking Opportunities

Networking is really crucial to your career. And the earlier you understand it, the better you would be able to gain from it.

Making connections in the industry not only helps you get to a better place but also makes your candidature better because you know the market and people in the market.

Jobs like marketing, advertising, sales, etc. are all networking based jobs. If you are into similar careers, you need to look at the networking opportunities the internship is offering you in spite of being an unpaid internship. If it does provide such opportunities to meet and greet relevant people on regular basis, it is worth it.


These are not only five elements of an unpaid internship but something you should be searching in all internships you do. It might not pay you well immediately, but the significance is much more than doing paid but worthless internships.

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