5 things you must do while you’re still in college.

5 things you must do while you’re still in college.


College years are the most crucial years for a young adult, and the definitely the most fun. These are the years when you’re deciding on what you want to do with your life, and not caring about it all the same. Obviously, the one thing you should do is well, keep your attendance  just in line, but you can also utilize this time to get a hang of how the real world works. This means trying out different fields to see which suits you the most, and see which one those fit the best on your resume. Check out the following 5 things you must do while in college:

1) Apply for an internship:
Seriously, we can’t stress this enough. Internships provide you with first-hand experience of how the world in your field of interest functions professionally. Internships are usually full-time (you have to go to an office and work), part-time(where you work for 4 hours a day), virtual (you can work from home), brand ambassador (where you market your favorite brand amongst your peers) and voluteer opportunities. They can be paid, unpaid, or reward-based.

In most cases, there is a certificate issued at the end of your internship to acknowledge your work, which  will serve as an assurance to your future employer,  that you know what you know your stuff and he does not have to spend the company’s time or money to teach you the basics of your job. In other words, your employability automatically increases.

2) Learn a new language:
Alongside your college subjects, it is recommended that every student learns at least one foreign language. Globalization has brought the world so close that in some jobs, there is a compulsory requirement of a foreign language. In those cases, the number of degrees you have does not count if you do not have this additional skill. Some big foreign firms have their branches all over the world, and they will not want to employ anyone who cannot communicate with them in their native language, while some organizations will give more preference to someone who can speak more than just fluent English.

Besides, learning a language is also good for the brain, studies say, plus it’s fun, so, time to look up foreign language centers in your city. Etes-vouz d’accord? Einverstanden?

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3) Travel:
Visiting different places is an important factor in broadening your horizon and widening your perspective. It helps you get out of the box and explore options in another city/country which may not available in your own.

It is very important to understand that the non-availability of a course in your own city should not make you give up on the idea altogether. Travelling gives you a chance to explore career paths you never knew existed. So pack your bags, and get out there, after all twenties is the best time to travel. You have no job to hold, no big family comments and nothing but time and energy in your favor.  Even if it is just a small village outside your city, or a different state with a beach, you will have learned a lot by the time you return.

In fact why not combine travel and internship together and do an internship abroad? Yes?

4) Go, rock some fests!
Yes, colleges are meant for studies, but every college also provides a chance to take part in extra-curricular activities. College fests include competitions in creative field like writing, drama, music, dance, fine art, photography, design, etc. These fests are a very good platform to prove your talent – to yourself and to everyone else.

Apart from fests, each department in a university usually has a group or club which meets on a weekly or monthly basis and conducts fun activities related to the subject. These clubs are the best way for you to connect with people who have similar interests and goals as yourself – and what is better than friends you can study with to get you through those horrible exams?

For the sport junkies, many universities have their own sport teams which conduct matches at college, city, district or even national levels. Join these teams; there is always an upside to representing a university at these levels.

5) Volunteer for an NGO:
Social service is a sector which very few people turn to. However, very few know that social service can mean a lot of things and can range from cleaning up the city’s streets to visiting a school for underprivileged and just spending time with the students. Working at institutions like rehabilitation centers, autism centers and schools for the handicapped and the blind can be an eye-opening experience that can put things in focus for you.

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Moreover, these volunteering internships/jobs are sometimes a must for students studying psychology and subjects related to rehabilitation.

So, why not attend college as well as do some of the above? You will be more ready than ever to enter the working world if you have added focus on your goals.

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