5 Ways You Can Gain Work Experience When Still In College

5 Ways You Can Gain Work Experience When Still In College

Here are five effective ways to gain work experience and build an impressive resume while still in college. Find out what these ways are, here...


Here is how you can gain work experience while still in college.
Here is how you can gain work experience while still in college.

In this super-competitive world, you cannot afford to take the college years lightly and not work on building a work experience. Before you enter the jobs’ world, your resume should have ample work experience to speak for you and showcase what you are made of. So, here are a few ways you can gain relevant work experience during college and make your resume so much better for it.


It goes without saying that internships are really really necessary for you to build an impressive resume. Internships, whether they be part-time internships, full-time internships or virtual internships, are held in great esteem because they test students, push them to achieve more and give them and make them job ready.

Doing internships can enhance your employability skills and tell the recruiter that you are serious about your work and what you want to achieve. Internships not only work on your talent but also build the aura of trust and reliability around you.

Freelance experience

Freelancing can add great value to your resume. And, it is a brilliant opportunity to gain some experience and keep your pocket jingling. Freelancing is common in fields like journalism and writing, marketing, web development, designing and computer programming among others.

Freelancing allows you to gain experience and demonstrate your passion for the field. And with full-time college, freelancing emerges as a great opportunity where you can limit the number of tasks according to your time and need.


Tutoring is a good way to gain work experience while still in college. From teaching kids from nearby areas to giving tuitions in specific subjects to tutoring people your age – tutoring actually gives you a lot of option to experiment and do something you would enjoy.

Tutoring involves planning (how you will teach, how you will proceed and address the issues of the students) and taking the lead. It is one of those things that can look really good on your resume as it shows you can handle a position of responsibility.


Volunteering is a must for anyone looking to give their resume a major boost. You can volunteer to help with the organisation of college events, assist in conferences and gain extra credit with workshops. However, you can also volunteer for non-profit organizations and the NGOs you feel connected to and look at your resume glimmer and shine.

And if you are looking to go abroad in pursuit of higher studies then volunteering will give you a solid edge over other candidates. Yes, many times, being a volunteer means working without a pay. However, if the opportunity is worth it and you stand the chance of gaining rewarding experience, then go for it.

Brand Ambassador

You can be a Brand Ambassador in college and build on your work experience by working with companies or organizations that employ college Ambassadors to represent them and spread the word-of-mouth amongst the students. You can be a part of the company’s marketing strategy, interact with your peers, talk about their experience of using the product and recommend the brand name to people.

As a Brand Ambassador, you can interact with people, meet new people, shed your inhibitions and emerge as a more confident version of yourself who knows the market, up and close.

So, here are five ways in which you can build your work experience while still in college and get future ready.




  1. Freelancing gives me great opportunity to study and improve my skills in writting. I am working for local newspaper and write their some interesting articles when I don’t have much to do in University. I am sure it will helps me to receive good job after studying as I will have some experience already!