6 questions to ask your employee during an exit interview!

6 questions to ask your employee during an exit interview!


1. Why are you leaving? This is one of the obvious and the most important question to ask. It will give you an idea of what actually went wrong at your end. This can be very helpful in the future as there are a number of things you can ensure to keep in mind so as to avoid having your employees leaving.

2. Were you comfortable talking to your manager about work problems? The answer to this question will give you an insight about the employer employee relationship run in the office. Chances are that you might not be well aware about that, and now is when you can get a clear idea about the same since the ex employee can be more open to have this kind of discussion with you.

3. What did you like most about your job? And what would you change about it? It is important to take a feedback on what your employees like and dislike about their jobs. This can have a great impact on the duration and the kind of experience they have in the office. It can help you evaluate and improve in the areas that require it.

4. Did you feel that you were equipped to do your job well? Employees always require good resources to get their job done well. Not having the adequate resources can cause a lot of frustration and may play a big role in them leaving their jobs. Having answers to this can help you allocate better resources to the other employees and ensure that work can be done more comfortably.

5. Did you feel that the work you were doing aligned with your personal goals and interests? For each individual it is very important that their job meets their personal goals and interests. If that doesn’t happen, or if they feel stagnant fora long time it can result in one getting frustrated with their job. Ideally as an employer, you must have HR ensure this doesn’t happen however asking this at the exit interview would also be a good option.

6. How did the job match your expectations? We all have certain expectations out of a job and we always hope they are met. Ask your ex employees if they were satisfied. It is important that your employees grow at the job they are doing. It helps them stay at the job for longer.




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