7 things to take care of in your notice period!

7 things to take care of in your notice period!


office-freelancer-computer-business-386041. Avoid Gloating: It is understood that you are content and excited to work at a new place which probably is a great jump to your career however avoid rubbing it in your colleagues face. Gloating about your new big job can hamper your relations with them.

2. Avoid Slacking off: You are about to leave and you do want to take it easy but it isn’t professional to do so. Maintain the standard of your work and do not dump your work on others just because there are no consequences.

3. Knowledge Transfer: This is the best time to teach your colleagues, especially your juniors all that you learnt at work. It will not only give you a sense of satisfaction but will also make your colleagues indebted to you.

4. Thank yous and byes: Make sure to thank everyone you ever interacted with for their support and concern. These are the basics which one often forgets but taking care of this is a gesture nobody will ever forget.

5. Put together your references: Get your reference letters in place. Go to your superiors and request them to write a reference letter for you. Having good reference letters goes a long way.

6. Documentation and finances: Having you documents and finances in place is a must. you need to be extra cautious since this is the time when it is most likely for individuals to misplace their documents. Take your time getting things sorted but ensure you do so carefully.

7. Other exit formalities: There may be a long list of procedure one needs to follow before they can exit a firm. Take care of these formalities one at a time, and well in advance of the exit day. Give your self time to take care of these at a decent hour.




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