6 things you can do with your Social Media other than uploading...

6 things you can do with your Social Media other than uploading selfies!


If you’re a student and don’t use social media for anything other than to upload selfies or check in at eateries and parties, read on.

Here are some of the USEFUL things you  can do with social media:

1) Keep an eye on what’s happening around you:
No, we don’t mean celebrity scandals, and who is the new girl in your ex’s life. Reading about them will not enrich you. What you should look for is current events of real importance, as it is very essential o keep yourself in the loop of everyday happenings in the world. Being aware of your surroundings and what is going on in a country not far away from yours.

We can’t stress the importance of general knowledge enough. Nowadays, you don’t have to wait for the newspaper at your doorstep every morning to get the latest news. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook show you breaking news within minutes of it’s occurrence, and also give you blow-by-blow follow-ups. Plus, you have to agree, it’s easier and faster to read news on your smartphone that you hold onto dear life for, than in print. Be selective about the news you catch up on, and remember, Twitter always gets the news first – always.

So, if you have time to update your status about your latest favorite ice cream flavour, you have time to read the news.

2) Share your work:
What’s better place to show off your talent than on social media, where you have carefully collected a group of individuals you know from different walks of life? Be it photography, art, writing, designing, music, dance, film-making, baking – don’t be shy, share your gift. (and let people know how they can contact you if they need your kind of talent, too).

Start a blog, make a Facebook page and/or join or form a group on LinkedIn and share your work. You

may get praise or constructive criticism, but either way your talent will get valuable exposure. Having your own page is also useful while applying for internships or full-time jobs, because you now have a one-stop gallery of all your work to show to your potential employers. Plus, your Social Media skills are put on display, if you ever have to apply to jobs that include management of social media pages.

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3) Stalk the right people:

This is one of the biggest advantages of social media – you can browse the accounts hundreds of people. Follow people relevant to your career choice and see how they function. A lot of entrepreneurs, and self-made long time established personalities allow you to take a peek into their mind by keeping selective stuff on their profiles public. You have the opportunity to learn so much from them, or even get in touch if and when you get a chance. So, go ahead and make them part of your news feed, for daily inspiration and guidance, by subscribing to their updates and taking time out to pay them a visit once every few days.

If you’re lucky, you might just get a job offer through one of the people you follow on Social Media like Ferross Aboukhadijah did!
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4) Pages can be more than just funny pictures:
There are over one million people on the Facebook Page on 9GAG, which is remarkable for them, but you need to lend your ear to pages that can land you your next job or help you better your resume writing skills. Scout for pages which have active discussions, people who you think will be able to help you gain perspective and tell them to provide insights. This also helps you network, and find a place to meet people you can send requests to without coming off as creepy.

5)  Connect to more people through Facebook groups:
Facebook groups are increasingly being used in education. Teachers use it to stay in touch and update their students, and students use it to share notes and have discussions. It’s very useful and necessary to have a common platform where all students can share opinions. These groups are a boon when it comes to timetables, events and departmental clubs in a college or university. 

Groups can also be formed for clubs in a city, be it for sports, adventure, literary circles or a cooking club.

Find such groups and join the fun!

6) Tune into your Social Work side:
Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. have accounts dedicated to social causes, fund-raising, petitions and awareness campaigns. The best way to support the cause thatyou really believe is to spread the work via social media.

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Social media-based charity has helped millions of people across the globe as it is the fastest and easiest way of social service. One can sit at home and donate money to a cause or simply make people aware of it. However, beware of the fraud sites which claim to be helping people and ask you to shell out money but don’t really do anything. Whenever you see a post regarding news or a campaign that you think might be fake, just google it. Google will show you reviews people have submitted about the article and will help you decide what the truth really is.

Social media has a lot more to it than sharing what you’re listening to, eating or watching. Use it the right way, and you’ll go places.

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