7 Exciting Non-Tech Internships In 2019 You Should Apply For

7 Exciting Non-Tech Internships In 2019 You Should Apply For


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The New Year is here and it’s time for resolutions and goals for the year ahead. If you are a college student then doing multiple internships in 2019 should be your goal for sure.

Internships are a chance to explore your interests and get an understanding of what you want to do for a full-time career. Whether you are an engineer or not, you should definitely do at least one non-tech internship to understand various streams and functions in a company.

We have listed out 7 non-tech college internships that will broaden your horizon and make you excited about different career opportunities in 2019

1. Graphic Designer

Designing is an upcoming field in India, while abroad it is already a full-fledged industry. Graphic Design is a particular niche that is well-suited for creative students who have a flair for design and are technically skilled. You will learn how to use tools like Photoshop and other video editing tools, to create visual and graphic design campaigns for clients.

This particular Graphic Design internship is at Sacom that handles 14 websites viewed across 80 countries and generates 100 million page views annually. The internship will help you create content that is spread and consumed digitally.


2. Digital Marketing Professional

Digital Marketing will continue to be one of the hottest internships in 2019. The last decade, with its explosion of social media and various media platforms, highlighted the need to market to new audiences in unforeseen ways.

Digital marketing professionals are needed in every industry and you can have the pick of your industry once you learn the nuances.

This Digital Marketing internship is with The Ministry of Light, a global Architectural Lighting Design firm with offices in Hong Kong, Dubai, and Mumbai. You will manage their social media and create content.


3. Corporate HR Internship

India has more than 60% of its population under the age of 30 and Human Resources teams across the country are working hard to connect with this millennial population.

There is a need for dynamic young HR professionals and the scope for HR is immense over the next few decades, making it a unique space for internships in 2019.

This HR internship is with a multinational company; Ernst & Young. The internship will require you to support the ongoing Employer Branding Projects, onboarding projects, and employee engagement.


4. Marketing Internship

Marketing is an evergreen non-tech function and the go-to choice for most students seeking a dynamic and lucrative career.

Today, thanks to digital marketing, the scope of marketing is wider.

This internship with Happy Perks is a traditional marketing internship and offers students a chance to create marketing collaterals and pitch the product to vendors and clients. It includes all the functions of a normal marketing job and a great opportunity to learn the ropes of traditional marketing.

Since it is also a startup, it is a challenging opportunity and hence makes it to our top internships in 2019.


5. NGO Internship

NGO Internships must definitely be on your list of dream internships in 2019. The reason NGO internships are good for your career is that they handle unique scenarios other than the regular business situation.

NGOs deal with projects, social issues which, of course, many of them are also social businesses. This NGO internship is with CRY-Child Rights and You and offers you to get involved with fundraising through events.

You will help plan and also partner with corporate for these events, the proceeds of which go towards helping unfortunate children.


6. Campus Ambassador

Campus Ambassador Internships have been popular internship options in the past few years and will continue to be among the popular internships in 2019.

A Campus Ambassador is a student who works towards promoting a product, event, or company within their college campus. They get a certificate, goodies and other perks for doing it.

This virtual internship helps you perform the work and learning new skills like communication, negotiation etc. all the while enjoying the comfort of working from your campus.


7. Finance Internship

Finance Internships are our most exciting pick of internships in 2019. Finance is a niche industry and it’s tough to find internships because of privacy and confidentiality concerns of the companies.

However, due to the rise of start-ups and their need for manpower, a lot of financial start-ups are opening up internships.

This finance internship is with Finfriday that provides financial and taxations solutions to working class. You will learn the basics of finance consulting as well as provide customer support.



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