7 Internship Learnings You Must Never Forget

7 Internship Learnings You Must Never Forget


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The entire concept of internships is to provide a learning experience to freshers. While some of these internship learnings are limited to getting you a job, some are lessons you should never forget. These learnings are something which will stay with you in your entire career life.

Let’s see which lessons we are directing towards. Here are the top 7 internship learnings you must never forget:


It needs more than once to get noticed

If one is used to praises for little things in their academic and personal life, they expect it to be the same way in their jobs as well. But their internship experience tells them it’s not so.

Your work won’t always get noticed and it would take more than one assignment or achievement to get into the list of good employees or performers. You can’t take it to your heart.

Keep working because you know even though it takes time, hard work doesn’t go unnoticed in the long run.


Not everyone would be nice and that’s okay

Before jobs and internships, we are mostly used to nice words. Your teacher scolds you for not doing your homework but you know deep down that she means well. In professional life, the other might not care about you at the least.

They might just want their work to be done and never be nice. But that’s one of the most important internship learnings you can ever learn.

The world out there isn’t nice and you need to learn to deal with it without affecting your morale.


It’s more important to be ‘right’ than ‘nice’

And the above point continues. It’s not just that the other is not obliged to be nice to you. Sometimes, you will find that being nice isn’t going well with being true to your work.

In a professional scenario, you need to keep your work above anything else.

So, when it comes to choosing between being right and being nice, you know what you need to do!


Communications skills are important

Your internship experience is the first time ever when you will realize the importance of having excellent communication skills. Without a synced communication throughout channels, it is pretty much impossible to keep an organization running.

And just like your internship, it keeps being true for the rest of your career and you better never forget it.


Practical over theory

The theory you learned in school or college might not come handy ever in your career, maybe some part of it, but not exclusively. You will see that at the end of the day, it’s your skills and practical knowledge that keeps your job going.

It will always be like that. So, always make it a point to learn the practical aspects of things rather than depending on words.


Working smart is important than working hard

You have always been told that working hard is important but it is during your internships that you realize working smart is even more vital than that.

You might keep working an entire day for a solution but if someone comes up with a smarter idea within an hour, it really doesn’t matter how much time you spent working.


The learning process never ends

So, it’s the end of your academic learning and you are pretty much sure that you have learned all the things required to do your job. But internship throws a bummer. You realize that it’s an entirely new life and you need to start again.

Of course, things you learned earlier matter, but there are a series of other things to learn. The learning process never really ends whether it’s your internship, first job, or the fifth one.




Life throws lessons at you anytime, anywhere. The sooner you catch it and sew to your sleeve, the better it is. Your internship learnings will help you throughout your career, so make sure you carry the most of these lessons and exploit them to build a successful career ahead.

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