7 jobs for people who are extroverts!

7 jobs for people who are extroverts!


1. Public Relations-

Public relations (PR) is related to maintaining relations and managing reputation of its clients. If you are planning to make a career in PR, you need to know how to influence opinion and behavior. You need to use all forms of media and communication to build your client reputation. PR can be from public bodies or services, to businesses and voluntary organisations.

You can become a public relation officer without having a degree in it if you know how to interact with people, influence, and obviously communication skills is a must.

2. Cruise-ship Entertainers-
A cruise ship entertainer needs to do every single thing that includes entertainment ranging from dancing, singing, games, casino, comedians and many more. So many passengers in your ship demands entertainment and your job is to make sure that happens. You are even required to co-ordinate with other entertainers and the other staffs.

You just need some previous experience in high profile entertainment industry or within the leisure and hospitality industries and excellent customer service skills

12_event-planning3. Event Planner
Being an event planner you need to work for exhibition, fairs, festivals, conferences, promotions, social events, etc. You need to coordinate and manage big events. You have an option to work  individually as a freelancer or can be the part of event planning agencies. You work for long and irregular hours due to the nature of the work.

You don’t need any extra qualification to work for events instead you must be able to complete a wide range of activities such as communication skills, organisational skills and ability to work under pressure.

2365874. Casino Dealer-
As a casino dealer you operate live table games and other legal gambling facilities. You don’t require any formal educational requirements, responsibilities of a casino dealer vary from casino to casino but the most common ones include dealing in cards for games such as poker, blackjack, operating the roulette wheel or assisting patrons on the slot machine floor. You must be awesome at customer service, and make sure your customers are treated fairly.

You need to be friendly and outgoing and must have an ability to do simple math quickly. Also, you need to have good hand-eye coordination.

5. Brand Ambassador-
This job demands to increase the brand visibility at your college, a country club, a local bar or wherever you are working. You have to just interact with your potential clients and customers and spread awareness about your brand you are working for. Being a brand ambassador you help marketing and sales managers to accelerate brand value by representing the brand to target customers.Companies hire brand ambassadors at trade shows, fairs or wherever the target customer might be to represent their brand.

You must be highly proactive and have the ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment. Most important essential skills  include strong listening, oral and written communication abilities.

6. Product Demonstrator-
Product demonstrators are appointed for promotional activities in the interest of products like food, movies, electronics, software, and housewares. As a product demonstrator you need to demonstrate benefits of products, also providing answers of the queries that their potential customers may have.

Your job may depend on the kind of project you are working for that may include giving out samples, hold contests, or show people how the product works.

You must have the ability to influence your customer along with good communication skills.

download7. Photographer-  
Photographers are of different types, it depends on your taste and preference and what kind of pictures you like to click such as of people, events, places and objects. Specialisation in photography ranges from general practice such as weddings and family portraits, while some have professional degrees in a particular field such as fashion, advertising or clinical photography.

Being a photographer you often work alone, depending upon the type of project you take. you may employ an assistant, and also work with models, lighting technicians and journalists.

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