7 Small habits that’ll help you feel more in control of your...

7 Small habits that’ll help you feel more in control of your life!


pexels-photo-147239 1. Set clear goals: Setting goals is something we all do, but how often are our goals clear and precise? The next time you go about setting your goals ensure you know exactly what you are aiming at. Having a vague goal can cause you to not work in the right way at achieving the goal. Take you time and thing about what exactly you want. For instance, if you need to finish a task by thinnest day, don’t just stick to that, set an exact time that you want to get that task done by.

2. Learn to say NO: Learning to say no in the right way can be very difficult at first but it is important to do so. Nobody likes hearing a no and many a times we are stuck in situations where saying no can be extremely difficult without hurting the other person. Take a firm stand but ensure that your body language is positive. The other individual should not feel offended. Try smiling while refusing but ensure that you are taken seriously at the same time.

3. What do you NOT want?
We all have the list of things we want in life, but how many of us are aware of the things we do not want in life? Do not get caught up doing the things you don’t like. Understand what you are comfortable with and keep at it.

4. Feedback: Always welcome feedback. Consistent constructive feedback in your personal and professional life can help you grow as an individual. Make sure not to get offended when others are criticising you. This can play a monumental role in developing yourself as an individual.

5. Leave room for improvement: There is nothing that can make you feel more confident than knowing things. Master your field. Brush up your GK. Try learning about things outside of your field. There is no end to learning and you will feel a lot smarter when you know about thing happening around you.

6. Take time for yourself: Self reflecting is very crucial. Try to understand yourself as an individual and look for ways you can grow. This doesn’t always have to be in a quiet room with a list. Take out time for your hobbies. They will give you immense happiness and you will understand yourself a lot better.

7. Do away with negative/toxic people: There may be times when you feel a little less in control of yourself and less confident around a few individuals. These individuals can also be some of your closest friends or family. Do not hesitate to cut off. Be around people who inspire you and try to help you grow as an individual.




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