Internship Success – 7 Tips For The First Week Of Your Internship

Internship Success – 7 Tips For The First Week Of Your Internship



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Internship success is defined on several parameters, depending on your goal. A job offer, insightful project, or introduction to a new career, all these are great internship goals.

But whatever your goal might be, the path to internship success remains pretty much the same. You have to make the best impression, do amazing work and convince the company you are the best intern they had!

If you need more guidance, then follow these internship tips for ensuring a successful first week of your internship –

  1. Get to know the office, its structure, and people

Knowing the right people and the processes is a key parameter of internship success. In corporate life, it’s important to understand how to get the job done; how you do, it is your skill. Take the help of your mentor or someone from the team to understand how your team fits into the largest organization, who are the people responsible for various jobs around the office. It’s important even to know something basic like who to approach to get a copy of a document or the accountant who will sign off on vouchers!


  1. Find out what is your work responsibility

Internship success is largely dependent on one thing – how well you do your job. To get to the bottom of this, all you need to do is speak to your mentor. Set up a meeting with the mentor and ask them what’s expected of you. Most college internships are only six to eight weeks, so this first week is crucial. In case the mentor brushes you off and says you will figure it out, you have to tell them what you expect from the internship.


  1. Carry a notebook and ask questions

Interns are often allowed to sit in meetings and discussions to help them understand the work. Use these opportunities properly, and you will achieve internship success within no time! Ask questions beforehand, about whether they are looking to hear your opinion in the meeting itself or how you can offer suggestions. Also, carry a notebook and write down salient points, and what you learned in the meeting. This is the real-life education that a college internship will give you!


  1. Say goodbye to your gadgets and phone

Unless you require a mobile phone for your college internship, keep it away. Everyone in the office will have an eye on you, and you don’t want to be spending your time playing PUBG or browsing through Instagram! You can go home and update all the #internshipfeels you want to show!

Internship success is dependent on being present and concentrating on your work. Show you are a professional, even if you see other employees on their phone avoid the temptation, they already have a job, you have to work hard on getting one!


  1. Keep a record of what you do

This is extremely important for internship success. You need to start recording what you did at your college internship every single day. Even if you just sorted some documents, write down! At the end of six weeks when you are filing your internship report, you are going to forget what you did in Week One. Making notes is helpful, both for your learning process and for ensuring your mentor knows what you did.


  1. Be at your best behaviour at all times

Millennials and Gen Z already have a notorious reputation for being reckless, but you don’t have to perpetuate the stereotype. Showcase your professional side, always put on your best side that’s important for internship success. Always use professional language, don’t slip into slang or use swear words. Don’ do anything that might be frowned upon in a professional environment.


  1. Always communicate with the mentor

Many interns blame their lack of internship success on their mentors, how they didn’t give them enough work or didn’t talk to them often to know the work they put in the college internship.

But, you should understand that the mentor has no obligation to be nice to you and support you. They need to get their work done and have multiple things to focus on. It is your responsibility to keep the mentor updated on your work. Send in weekly emails about what you do, and start from week one itself so they understand you are serious about this.



Good behaviours and best practices are critical for internship success, and the secret is to start them from the first week of your internship. Let us know how it worked out for you in the comments below!