7 Types Of People You Might Find During Your Internship Experience

7 Types Of People You Might Find During Your Internship Experience


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An internship experience encompasses a diverse range of people at different stages of our lives. It doesn’t have to be a differentiation based on race, religion or even nationality. You will bump into various personalities during your internship experience as well.

It’s true that every individual is unique on their own but there are certain broad categories into which they can be grouped under the large canvas they are a part of.

It can be students, colleagues at your workplace, or your co-interns.  As already hinted, we will talk about the seven types of people you will highly likely find during your internship period.


TOW – “I will do it all.”

These kinds of interns are always the first one to arrive and last to leave from the office; at least amongst the interns. They are over-worked and hardly manage to balance their social and work-life. In fact, they firmly believe that they are here to learn and work as much as possible and there is enough time to socialize later.

TOW – “I am the best”

This one seems similar to the previous one but the two of them are as different as fire and ice. The former one wants to learn and work, this one wants to outshine others. It can be based on hard-work or just sheer cleverness. Of course, they aren’t much cherished by other interns for the crooked behavior, if we may call it so.

TOW – “Did you hear!?”

Yes, we are talking about the one who may have joined at the same time as you but has the ears for all the gossips on the floor. They know almost everything about more than 90% of the staff, and don’t waste time in passing the information around. Gossip is their primary job and if they have some spare time, they do some of the work too.

TOW – “Let’s do it together.”

These are the best kind of interns and you should immediately befriend them as soon as you spot one. They are willing to work and help you grow along with. It helps to build a great learning environment and you feel more confident when working together as a team.

TOW – “You did in a day? I can do it in a couple of hours.”

No, they aren’t necessarily the fast ones but the super competitive ones. If you do something or achieve a milestone, the next thing you will see is them going to extremes to achieve it for themselves in no time.

TOW – “When is this getting over?”

These types of interns have this lazy ‘I don’t care’ kind of attitude. They aren’t here to learn or work in particular but just intern for the sake of it, probably because their course of study makes it compulsory. Exactly the kind you need to stay away from!

TOW – “I messed it up again.”

We are talking about the interns who don’t do a single thing right. They mess it up so much that it becomes funny after a while. Though you do make fun, you sympathize with them as well when you see them try better but always failing. It is fathomed by few that helping these interns can be a great way to learn and practice your skills.

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All these types of interns make your internship experience an interesting one. Each one of them teaches you something and you must be on the lookout for experiences during your entire internship to make it a fruitful one.

That’s about people you come across during your internship period and add some spice to your entire internship experience. We are sure you relate with one of the types too. Let us know about it in the comment box!


*TOW - The One With (I am assuming you all have seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S)