8 Best IT Internships For 2019

8 Best IT Internships For 2019


internships in 2019

The time has come upon you now! The summer of 2019 is looming in and so is the rush to find internships in 2019. If you still haven’t got an internship either by yourself or through campus placements it’s high time you start searching for one. Whether or not your college internship is compulsory it is a good idea to invest your summer in doing an internship.

One of the evergreen college internships is in the IT industry. It is a vast field and you will find something that fits your skills and also helps you learn. We have listed out the hottest IT internships in 2019 that you must take up this year –


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  1. Data Science and Machine Learning Internship

Data Science and Machine Learning are the career buzzwords of 2019 and you need to grab such opportunities with both hands! They will be one of the hardest to find internships in 2019 because very few companies in India deal with this technology and the ones that do might not open it up for interns. You can still find some exciting data science internships on Letsintern.


  1. Android Developer Internship

Android Development internships have been around for the past few years. However, the need for app developers on the Android platform has only been increasing. If you wish for a career in app development then choose such internships in 2019. Make sure that the internship allows you to work on real and live projects that you can showcase on your resume and portfolio.


  1. Artificial Intelligence Internship

Artificial Intelligence is shaking up the world and every product and service is already using or planning to use it to enhance their offerings. It will be one of the hottest internships in 2019, but you have to ensure that you are working with a reputable AI team.

Lots of companies talk of AI but rarely do they utilize it well. Learning about the latest trends in AI, conceptual learning and documentation are some of the things you will take away from such internships.


  1. Website Designer Internship

There are currently about 1.8 billion websites on the internet and every minute about 350 new websites are created! This highlights the importance of website designers who make the website interface look good and easy to use. They will be one of the most popular internships in 2019 and if you are seeking one, look out for those which let you work on WordPress, Photoshop, PhP, and MySql.


  1. Software Developer Internships

One of the top careers for IT graduates are software developer jobs, which is why if you have an internship in software development it will set you apart from other candidates applying for the same jobs. This will be one of the internships in 2019 that will have the highest competition. Make sure you are learning and using tools like Java, Python, HTML, and CSS in your internship.


  1. Full Stack Developer Internships

There is a lot of demand for full-stack developers who are experts in both front end and back end development. These are highly paid job roles in IT and there is a lot of demand for experts. You can showcase your skills by first utilizing them in full stack developer internships in 2019. Work on products and tools like Python, Django, Linux, SQI, PGS, and Windows Servers to get the full spectrum of hands-on experience.


  1. WordPress and PHP Developer Internships

A majority of websites work on WordPress and there is a real need for expert wordpress developers in India. You can get a career headstart by building a portfolio of WordPress websites.

You can easily find these internships in 2019 as there are many companies which are into web development, even cities like Jaipur, Raipur, Bhopal, have their own web development companies.


  1. Front End Developer Internships

Front End Development is an important part of creating IT products and many IT professionals specialize in it. Getting front end development internships in 2019 is the best way to learn HTML, CSS and, Javascript in real time and understand the impact of the job role. Many start-ups will have this internship readily available for students.




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