8 Food Delivery Services to Help You During an All-nighter!

8 Food Delivery Services to Help You During an All-nighter!


1. Batman Delivers:

Batmandelivers.com went live on 15th April 2013, with the an objective of being an online super mart during night hours. Today, they deliver across various categories including food, beverages, essentials, deserts, partyshop, OTC drugs, Contraceptive & Services like Plumber, Electrician, Driver at night and still counting. They also offer a unique service of “You name it and we will arrange it”, that costs a little extra. They deliver all products at MRP, and have the option of Cash on Delivery. Currently delivering across South Delhi and Gurgaon, BatmanDelivers further Plan to cover NCR and major Metros.

2. Captain Grub:
Delivering across South Delhi and Gurgaon between 7 p.m to 4 a.m, Captain Grub promises to cater to all your post midnight hunger pangs. Well known for their finger-licking burgers, they offer a very good variety of food on their Menu, ranging from Bean Sprouts Salad, Cajun Potatoes, crispy Chicken popcorn and Honey lime crispy wings to pounded lamb burger, Ferrero shake, Grilled chicken sandwich (in zuzu sauce). Order away. 

3. Fly by Knight:
Fly By Knight is an express night delivery service in Mumbai launched in May, 2012. They offer a hassle free online shopping experience with the option of paying through cash on delivery. They take a minimum of 45 minutes to deliver to your doorstep. Food, beverages, desserts, smokes and contraceptives – you name it, they’ve got it. Available in all areas in Mumbai except Navi Mumbai, Thane and areas north of Malad, Fly By Knight delivers from 9pm to 5am.

4. Mad Bites:
Have you too, opened and closed your refrigerator several times during the past hour, trying to find the correct ingredient to satisfy your empty tummy? Mad Bites is an answer to all your daily or late night problems pertaining to food, thirst and happiness. Born in 2011, December, under the name of Mad Orders, today Mad Bites unfolds itself with greater variety, a fresher look, a fulfilled promise and better food! Taking several requests into consideration, Mad Bites would allow green-veggie eaters, meat-lovers and healthy foodies to benefit just the same! In Mumbai, Mad Bites takes delivery orders in areas between Dadar & Mulund on the Central Line, areas till Malad on the Western Line and areas till Chembur on the Harbour Line.

5. Nite Foodie:
Known as Pune’s first Night Food Delivery service, Nite Foodie allows you to pick from various cuisines including Indian, Italian, French, American,Chinese, Mexican and more, with Pizzas, Sushi, Steak and SeaFood in their Menu. Guarantee of delivery in 45 minutes, Nite Foodie also has everyday essentials ready for delivery as well, promising to be your “all night party companion.”

6. Late Night:
Unsettling food cravings at midnight and all food joints are shut down? The fact is more disquieting when you just returned home at late night- after a meeting, shift duty, business trip or vacations. Late Night is here to satiate your ravenous when the refrigerator is empty and you are longing for some “desi tadka” of delicious hot food. They deliver food, snacks, drinks, smoke between 9 PM and 4 AM, in Bangalore. Now, IT professionals and students do not have to survive on Maggi and get yummy, healthy, hygienic food at their doorstep even at odd night hours.

7. Nite Out: 
Nite Out is a midnight delivery service in Bangalore catering to the needs of Bangaloreans, when the city is sleeping. They are open late in the night and deliver whatever you require during the course of the night – food, munchies, beverages, smokes, some essential OTC medicines, and more. Their menu offers non-verg, munchies, desserts, beverages and more to choose from, between 10 PM to 3 AM (Sun to Thu nights) and 10 PM to 4:30 AM (Fri & Sat nights).

8. Night Rider:
Got the late case night hunger? Feeling too lazy to whip up a meal? In most Indian cities, you’d be on your own – but not in Hyderabad. Everything from a bag of chips to Chilli Chicken to Briyani late into the night, Night Rider provides it all for the city’s night owls with a delivery charge of Rs.150/- between 11pm and 4am.

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