8 Hiring Managers talk about their interview horror stories!

8 Hiring Managers talk about their interview horror stories!


people-coffee-tea-meeting1. I had a candidate for a programming position that spoke perfect English during the phone interview. Brought her in for the face-to-face interview the next week where she barely understood English, had a very different  accent and really didn’t meet the minimum job requirements. I decided she was a ‘no go’ 5 minutes into a 30 minute interview. During our talk, I found out that her husband paid someone else to do the phone part just so we would bring her in person.

2. We once had an internal applicant lie about what he did at the company that we all work for.

3. We were interviewing a potential new hire who clearly had absolutely no idea what our company/the job was about. Hadn’t even googled us, had no idea what she wanted to do there, and told us that she wanted to go into our business because other things she looked at were,”too hard to do, and too much energy” so this company seemed like a good fit. I told her I didn’t think she’d be a good fit for the position, and she tried to argue with me, saying that she didn’t know what the job was about but she was sure she could do it and that it wasn’t fair that we would turn her down when the position was open and we needed somebody, and she showed up for the interview, so she should have the job.

4. I had a guy turn in a fairly impressive resume, for an entry level engineering gig, which frankly he was overqualified for.When he came in I started asking about his education-how he decided on a concentration, which aspects he found the most connection with, etc. Turns out, he never went to college at all. He felt his resume should reflect his intended path in equal measure with his actual achievements.

“Engineering is something I’ve always felt I had an aptitude for. And besides, how much can you learn from an actual book?” he said.

5. Candidate shows up to interview looking like he just rolled out of bed, then has a terrible attitude during the interview, and blows off questions. Clearly thinks he’s being clever by calling out questions that are more about how you answer than the actual answer. When the interview is over, he straight up asks when he starts. Apparently he thought he already had the job, thought he was here to fill out paperwork.

6. “So, tell us about yourself a bit.” – I’ve always taken that question to mean “where did you go to college, what have you been doing since college, what are your general goals?”

Not this candidate. He proceeded to tell us his life story, taking 25-30min out of what was supposed to be a 40min interview, tops. Our team did not need to know anything about his childhood, much less 20 minutes’ worth. He was not brought back for a second interview.

7. I had a candidate set up for an interview on a Wednesday. Five minutes after the interview should have started, he called to reschedule. We rescheduled for Friday, at the time his interview should have started, he called for instructions to our office so I gave him the address and the nearest intersection. To no one’s surprise he does not show up.

The next Friday he called to reschedule again, I politely declined.

8. He refused to shake my hand, but was totally down with shaking my male colleague’s.




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