8 Weirdest interview questions and how to answer them!

8 Weirdest interview questions and how to answer them!


Certain questions are not to test your knowledge on the subject matter but they check your poise and the ability to think on one’s feet. Google generally looks for quick answer that proves you’re not only agile, but logical, math-minded and adaptable.

Here, the  toughest—but most telling– interview questions, and best of all – how to answer them.

1. Why is the earth round?
There can be different probable answers to this weird question but the most obvious answer is the gravity. It is round but not always completely round, it bulges a little at the equator. Earth take the sphere shape due to the forces of Gravity that pulls it with equal force in all directions. While rotating Earth bulges slightly at its center and flatten at its poles.

2. Choose a city and estimate how many piano tuners operate a business there.
See here you don’t have to start thinking of how many piano tuners can be there in a city, instead you must use some logic.
For an example-

  • Make a common sense estimates about the size of the market in your city.
  • Think about number of households can be there in your can be there. (about 25 million)
  • In an average how many of these have a traditional piano? (May be 10%)
  • How often they tune it? ( May be once a year)
  • How many pianos can a piano tuner tune in a year? Say it takes two hours to tune a piano including travel.

Therefore a tuner could tune 600 per year.(2.5M/600 = about 4,000 tuners)
You can be more accurate if  you include pianos in schools and concert halls and may be some piano tuners only work part-time.

3. If you woke up and had 2,000 unread emails and could only answer 300 of them, how would you choose which ones to answer?

Generally I look for mails that is more important to me or my job by looking at the subject lines and answer the ones based on priority that have some relation with my goals.

4. “What would you do if you were the one survivor in a plane crash?”

There can be couple of answers to this question. One can be- “I would make sure that I am not wounded much and after that would start looking for other survivors if they are in need of any help “. Second one, (which is a more witty approach) can be- “Thank God, I was flying the empty plane.”

5. How many children are born every day?
Again, in such types of question use some logic:
For an example-

  • Population of a particular city: 300 million (approximately). Half are women (150 million). Approx half of those are of childbearing age.
  • How do you determine how many women are pregnant at any given time? Well: Let’s say the average span of childbearing for a woman is 40 years.
  • The average woman has two children. So a woman is pregnant one year in 20, or 5 percent of the time, 3.75 million women are pregnant every year.
  • So divide by 365 – you get about 10,000 babies a day (actually, 10,273).

6. Design a spice rack for the blind.
There can be n number of answers to this question. Answers of such brainteasers is never right or wrong, its just the matter of approach the interviewer is looking for. If they get the kind of approach they are looking for you are the luckiest one. You can answer it like- Spices have strong smell that can be used as a big factor to design the rackl. So the one way blind people would be able to distinguish one spice from another is by smell.

7. What kind of tree would you be?
Such types of questions where you have to choose ‘what would you be?’, You must think in a broad way about the qualities of whatever it is that you’re going to pick and how you would explain your choice.  As the character or personality would be useful for someone in that role to have?  Think about what does that job require?  If you’re answering the tree question, think about how fruit trees are productive, oak trees are strong and reliable, but cottonwood trees spread trash that everyone hates.  Evergreen trees are steady.   Palm trees are flexible.A lot of people go for the oak tree:  “I would be an oak tree, because I’m strong and dependable.”

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