9 things I learnt while living with Indians at Syracuse University, New...

9 things I learnt while living with Indians at Syracuse University, New York.


I’m an American student receiving a MS in Information Management from the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University, and Indians surround me. In all seriousness the majority of my program is Indian (51%) followed by Chinese then American.

Aside from the cultural differences they are good people. Below I’ve highlighted why Indians are awesome people and the 7 things I’ve learned from living amongst Indians.


1. Eating Ghee Daily:
Indians love their ghee, and I love their ghee. Indian food is delicious. My favorite is tandoori and chicken curry.


2. Culture:
Indians are literally the nicest people on the planet. They will ask you all about yourself and thoroughly interested in getting to know you. It’s not uncommon to eat lunch with a few friends and all of a sudden a few more Indians show up to your place unannounced. It’s totally acceptable. They are then treated with food and will never ask you for money in return for feeding you. Unheard of in America.

3. Things Indians Say:
I love their British English. I was so fascinated I created an Evernote — Words Indians Say. My favorite is ‘doubt’, which is used instead of I have a question.


4. Assignments:
Indians are obsessed with knowing how you did on your assignments. You literally need to have your headphones on, with music blaring, to not be disturbed. Instead of asking how your System Design Course is going, they will ask: “How’s 654?”

Course numbers are strictly used. I learned quickly that you mustn’t be rude, ignore them or blow them off when they do ask. You literally have to stop what you’re doing, kill your creative rhythm and have that friendly conversation.

5. Grades:
Following an exam everyone is curious about how you did. I was taken aback at first but they only do so to calculate the average in their head and see how they stack up with the rest of the class.

6. WhatsApp and Emoticons:
WhatsApp is Indians go-to texting app, and don’t get me started with the thumbs up emoticon. They absolutely love it!

It can be used in a variety of ways:
Following a sentence—Thumbs up.
When someone asks you how you’re doing—Thumbs up.
When someone is in agreement—Thumbs Up.
You get the idea.

7. Facebook:
Indians love Facebook. I’d be willing to say that they love Facebook even more than Americans. How is that even possible you may ask? Well, it’s not unheard of for someone to get over a 100 Facebook likes at 1am. Indians stay up late to communicate overseas.


8. Indians Are Fascinated With The Snow:
In Syracuse its snows daily, so when it does, your Facebook feed blows up with status like this one…1-RrefpYDS42O8SLMpFxGRqg9. Celsius:
I quickly learned that Indians communicate in Celsius, so I had to change my weather app too.


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