“A Career In Journalism Requires More Than Writing”

“A Career In Journalism Requires More Than Writing”

Wish to join the glamorous yet gritty profession of journalism? Know what it is like to have a career in journalism and check if you are fit for the industry.


The story of Gaurav Kadam, a B.Sc student who made a career in journalism.
The story of Gaurav Kadam, a B.Sc student who made a career in journalism.

A love for the written word and a passion for bringing stories to light is what inspires many journalists. In a world plagued with fake news, it becomes pertinent for the next generation to bring forth authentic and critical news. Today journalism is not limited to a few newspapers or magazines; there are scores of digital platforms which still require top-notch journalism. And, though making a career in journalism is still glamorous, it is the passion behind the work that puts it apart.

Gaurav Kadam, a Masters Student of Journalism, from AbasahebGarware College of Arts and Science is one such budding journalist who is pursuing his passion. Here is what he had to share about his journey in making his career in journalism and his internship experience.

You haven’t done a graduation in journalism, so why a master’s degree now?

I have done my graduation in biotechnology, however, that was due to lack of options. There was no journalism course in Pune University and my father felt it was better I did a viable course like biotech before pursuing my dream. I always had a love for writing, I did well at writing in school including debates and essay writing. I had also written plays for school and college, I knew sooner or later I would be drawn to the world of journalism.

How did this internship come along? What did you do there?

I interned with a print lifestyle magazine called Crème that is based in Pune. I was chosen to intern with them to publish the March Issue. I went through an interview with their Associate Managing Editor and I got the internship. We started work in the first week of February for the magazine to be published by March. I helped research pieces for other writers on an array of articles like health and fashion.

The highlight was I contributed an article entirely on my own. I wrote an article on ‘Power Lifting’ and interviewed RudhimaVora who has won 50+ medals in this sport. I pursued and fixed an interview with her, got to create my own questions and get the interview. It was awesome to finally see it in print and it even got two full pages in the magazine!

What kind of challenges did you face during the internship?

Time management! The issue had to come out before March and we were all working towards it at breakneck speed. I had to do the research plus write as well. I was also given the task of restaurant reviews, which requires a completely different vocabulary which I needed to get right. While writing a copy you need to use guidelines, use the right number of words and use appropriate vocabulary. To manage all this is a real-time setting was a challenge. Even with the sports article, prior to the assignment, I had no clue what powerlifting was! So, I had to research for that too.

What were your ‘Aha’ moments in the internship?

The perks of being a journalist are of course the chance to meet famous personalities. I was able to assist on a couple of interviews with chef Kunal Kapoor as well as met authors NeelimaAdhar and Savi Sharma. I love Savi’s work and it was exciting to meet her, she is an inspiration and I hope to write a book like hers one day.

What kind of advice would you like to give someone who aspires to be a journalist?

If you have a flair and love for writing, and you are curious and love raising questions then journalism is for you. You also rub people off the wrong way depending on your chosen field, be it the government, celebrities or business owners, but if you can stay strong to your voice then you are fit for the role. Also, you have to be punctual, you have to pursue a story else if you are late you may lose it forever!

Are you also planning for a career in journalism? If you have any internship experiences do write to us and follow more such interesting experiences here.

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