An Engineer Applying For A Writing Job? Change Career Direction After College

An Engineer Applying For A Writing Job? Change Career Direction After College

What if you find your calling three years into college? Do you stick to the degree or change career direction?


Ready to change career direction and spread your wings against the horizon?
Ready to change career direction and spread your wings against the horizon?

Everywhere you look, you see new engineers emerging. With hundreds and thousands of colleges coming up every few years, it is not hard to guess that being an engineer is the fashion that is here to stay for a long long time. Every family has at least one engineer. But what if you don’t want to mould yourself in the same frame and break out of the bounds of a degree and pursue something completely different? What if you are an engineer looking to pursue a writing career or a doctor wanting to work as a journalist? How do you break free? How do you change career direction after college?

Identify what you want to do

You realised that a certain career is not for you. What do you do now? The first step if you want to change career direction after college, is to identify what you want to do. What you are passionate about. Is it writing or photography? Or you want to be a designer? Identify the direction you want to go in and then what you need to do to get it. Would you need an additional degree to pursue what you want or just relevant work experience to add to your resume? Weigh things on a scale before making the switch.

Upgrade your skill-set

Now that you know what you want to do, get on with working on your skills. Upgrade your skills, arm yourself with something refreshing that will aid you in the new field. If you want to be a photographer then take a crash course in the same and get a degree. And most importantly, PRACTICE. Keep practising every day to perfect your skills.

Remember, things might be a tad bit harder for you since you come from another field and so you need to be exceptional to let your skills speak their own language – loud and clear.

Do internships

If you are still in college and already decided on changing your career direction after college then this might be the best time to start with relevant internships. With so many options available on different internship portals you can easily get your pick. From part-time internships to full-time internship to virtual internships; you can always find an internship that will help you balance college and work and gain relevant experience.

Internships are a great way to prove your candidature to future employees, learn the skills required and have a rocking resume.

Join relevant clubs

Clubs are kind of like the extra-curricular activities that can add so much to your resume and can even help you as you switch careers. And the best thing about clubs that you get the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who can help you gain valuable insight on the tricks of the work and guide you on where to apply and how to get better at what you are doing.

Joining clubs which will work on your skill sets will tell the recruiter that you are actually serious about the switch and this, in turn, will make your candidature stronger.

Have an explanation ready

Be assured that every person you encounter during your job interviews will ask you at one point or another why you made the career switch. So, start preparing your explanation beforehand to know what you will say during the day of the interview.

Be truthful to yourself – you switched careers because of the dearth of job opportunities in the previous one or because you realised where your passion lay? Whatever your explanation might be, make sure it is an honest one. Don’t go for something too filmy or dramatic to impress the interviewer as you might end up doing just the opposite.

So, are you all set to change career direction after college? Yes? Keep these career tips in mind and walk ahead with a positive attitude.