Apply Now! Summer internships in 2018 Are Here

Apply Now! Summer internships in 2018 Are Here

Summer internships are a gateway to a great career, giving you the chance to explore, experience and make money too.


Apply now for the most exciting summer internships in 2018!
Apply now for the most exciting summer internships in 2018!

Industry project work has for long been an alternative to internships in Indian colleges, where the process of internship has been codified with a goal in mind. That changed over the last few years – when students started taking the initiative and applying for summer internships and part-time jobs. And that’s what we believe will happen this year too.

What is a Summer Internship:

An internship is an opportunity to work with potential employers and gain on-the-job training plus experience. The trainee employees, are undergraduate students or those pursuing other courses for a fixed six to eight weeks.

A summer internship, is specifically for the summer period between two college years or semesters. In India, these begin from May and June, lasting over July. These days, some companies prefer hiring earlier – straight from March.

Some of these are paid internships, though almost all ensure that students gain experience certificates.

Why a Summer Internship in 2018?

Opting for a Summer Internships in 2018 is a wise decision, for all students – across colleges and courses. Even if your college does not make summer internships compulsory, then go through our list of reasons why you should still opt for one.

Get business exposure:

Many recruiters lament that students lack the practical skills, both technical and soft skills to excel in the workplace. A summer internship is a great opportunity to find out for yourself if your skills are relevant to the current business scenario. Studying the theory is one thing but working alongside teams in an office environment will give you exposure to business. It will also help you assess if your academic program will get you the job you wish for.

Explore other options:

Job trends are changing every few years and over a course of three or four years, there may be new careers which you didn’t imagine when you started your course! Careers in digital & content marketing, social media, product management, and analytics are all gaining steam and it would be the right time to explore these new avenues.

Whether you are from an engineering or commerce background, a summer internship in these roles will help you understand if you want to change gears in your career plan.

Jumping into new territory right during placements might not give you all the information you need to make this change.

Earn some money:

Most summer Internships are paid and students can earn anywhere between Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 50,000 per month! Companies usually plan their workload to accommodate interns and accordingly compensate them, many companies have set internship programs where they expect interns to contribute full time to the summer internship. It’s a great way to save up on some pocket money and spend on that upcoming college trip or collectables you wanted!

Build up your resume:

Given a choice, a recruiter will prefer to pick up a student with summer internship experience as it indicates initiative to learn and focus on career planning. Irrespective of the size of company, every office environment will introduce the student to team dynamics, soft skills and general exposure to business. This attribute in fresh graduates is what attracts recruiters, and will help you get your first job.

If you can showcase at least a summer internship and winter internship in different companies and sectors, it will boost your resume.

Get your first job

A summer internship of about two months is a good time to showcase your work and skills to the company you are interning with. This will help them understand and evaluate you as a potential employee and even offer you a job after your graduation! In fact, corporate internship programs offer Pre-Placement Offers to several candidates who perform well in the company. A summer internship will also help you build networks and you can get references to apply or jobs elsewhere too.

Explore another city

A summer internship in another city that is not your hometown can be a great way to explore a new city! It allows you to soak in the culture and vibe of the place for a short but considerable period of time.

And who knows it can probably broaden your scope for cities to find your first job in!

What are you waiting for? Then, find yourself the right summer internship in 2018.