College Life |Maximize a long weekend with these 5 Apps

College Life |Maximize a long weekend with these 5 Apps

Make the most of your time during a long weekend at college with these 5 Apps to sort and add fun to your life.


Myles, the self-driving app can help plan wheels for many a long weekend getaways. (Myles)

A long weekend is the best time to sort and add fun to your mundane college routine. Education is the best experience a person can have his hands on. These Salad Days of one’s life are the most crucial stage for gaining this experience. And with the Early Man evolved to the level that we use droids to deliver pizzas, let’s check out how the Caveman 2.20 used his brains to invent apps that can help the college students maximise their long weekend.


Myles, the self-driving app can help plan wheels for many a long weekend getaways.
Myles, the self-driving app can help plan wheels for many a long weekend getaways.

Traveling is the best unconventional teacher a person can have. But it takes more than a pair of feet to get your gallivant-gene activated. Or in this digital era – a cellphone and the app Myles.

  • It doesn’t burn a hole in your college pants
  • Opt for all-time redeemable coupons
  • Your chosen rides, at your service.

Plan your upcoming road trip for your long weekend in a Myles self- driven car to the nearby destinations.

2. RescueTime


For the long weekend, you decide to complete your academic tasks instead of heading out but you tend to procrastinate.

  • Monitor your performance with RescueTime.
  • Helps to monitor the time you spend on your computer
  • It tracks your moves; the content you look for
  • It also provides with a dictum whether it was worth it or not

 With its amazing statistical interface, it helps you judge how much time you spend doing the unnecessary.

3. Netflix


This needs no manual. Netflix is an internet-based streaming service that allows you to

  • Watch TV shows
  • All genre of Movies
  • Documentaries and much more

It can be accessed on any device that has an internet connection.

The perks include:

  • Watch movies without advertisements
  • Use the free trial for one month
  • 3 plans to chose from
  • Play, pause or even download on your Android devices!

Go ahead, binge-watch all your global favorites and utilize your long weekend.

4. Beeminder


Be the Queen Bee in accomplishing tasks on a long weekend. Goals can be anything:

  • From doing the laundry
  • Planning the upcoming week
  • Going grocery shopping
  • Organizing your closet
  • Making notes- studying and the list goes on.

Have your money at stakes for accomplishing the tasks and win the bets by completing them within time. For the ones who love winning the bets, Beeminder is a fun, motivational way to keep your long weekend productive and organized.

5. Meet Up


A happy find for your long weekend ahead! MeetUp lets you

  • Hunt down events of your interests
  • Find people who share the same quirks
  • Find events that you would love to RSVP
  • Find coffee, book, wine lovers
  • Or the dancers, writers, gourmands.
  • Attend a weekend baking class
  • Join a moment
  • Look for the happening music events
  • Comedy shows in your city.

The events are usually organized on weekends. Get your shoes on and seek!

So, take a few minutes in your weekend and download these apps! Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.