Top 5 internships in Architecture | Plan, design and build the living...

Top 5 internships in Architecture | Plan, design and build the living spaces of the future!


1. Abiboo:
 Location: Madrid(Spain), New York(US), Chennai(India)
Internship Application Procedure: If you wish to apply for an internship, please send your CV and samples of your work to, with the subject “Internship”.
Send non-editable files with a maximum size of 3Mb.

About Abiboo:

ABIBOO Architecture is an architectural firm with headquarters in Madrid-Spain, New York-USA and Chennai-India (Madras). The vision of ABIBOO Architecture is to improve people’s life and to inspire new generations to make their dreams a reality by creating Architectural spaces that represent and serve today’s global and complex Society, by bringing innovation, excellence and personal care by a united international team of creative, passionate, dynamic, proactive, big thinkers.
ABIBOO’S team has over 15 years of experience in architectural and sociological innovation and research. Accumulates over 4 million m2 projected over the planet, with construction budgets in excess of 6,000 million dollars.

Building Types: 
Residential Type 1: Residential Complexes / Residential Towers / High-Luxurious Villas
Residential Type 2: Affordable Housing
Commercial – Industrial:  IT/ Consulting / Corporate Offices
Township / Masterplanning / Landscape Design
Hospitality: 5 Star/ 4 Star / Boutiques / Resorts
Retail: Financial / Commercial Buildings / Commercial Complex/ Marketing Strategy
Culture: Museums / Preservation / Sports / Libraries / Mixed Use Developments
Infrastructure: Hospitals / Airports / Ports / Educational Campus
Interior Design: Residential/ Lofts/ Commercial / Hospitality / Research and Design
Façades – Elevations

2. HOK
Location: New York(US)
Job Role: Architectural Student Intern
Click here to apply.

Internships available:
 Various internships – architecture, interior design, engineering, planning, sustainable design, marketing and more – are available. As an HOK intern, you will have the opportunity to build on what you’ve learned by working on real projects.
Interns work full-time during the summer months. Occasionally, part-time internships are available during the school year.
All internships are paid. Depending on the school’s curriculum, academic credit is also available.Find more internships at HOK here. 

About HOK:

HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm.
Since our founding in 1955, we have used design to enrich people’s lives and help organizations succeed. Our 1,600 people collaborate across a network of 23 offices on three continents.
HOK’s mission is to deliver exceptional design ideas and solutions for our clients through the creative blending of human need, environmental stewardship, value creation, science and art.
Our design solutions result from a collaborative process that encourages multidisciplinary professional teams to research alternatives, share knowledge and imagine new ways to solve the challenges of the built environment.
2. Morphogenesis:
Location: India
Internship Application Procedure : Contact and mail your application

About Morphogenesis:
Morphogenesis is recognized globally as one of the leading Architecture firms from India. Founded in 1996, the firm is based out of New Delhi and is a collective offering specialized services in Architecture, Interior design, Masterplanning , Urban design, Landscape design & Environmental design consultancy. At Morphogenesis, we understand that we are working in an environment with limited resources. Hence, design is viewed as a process that is a resultant of different stimuli, ranging from climatic conditions, financial and market forces, globalization, local conditions, prevalent traditions and technologies, and the community. It is this all-inclusive nature of design with a unique focus on passive and low energy architecture that we believe, will define the new emergent Indian architecture.

Design approach:
All Morphogenesis projects follow extensive research and theoretical examination. A combination of research and design charettes allows the work to be rigorous, yet democratic and non-deterministic as it evolves.  Every project is an opportunity to address issues particular to site, client, program, climate, and region, while investigating the program from a fresh perspective, simultaneously challenging the orthodoxies of architectural design and its established hierarchies. This becomes especially relevant to emergent Asian cultures in transformation.
4. Planet 3 Studios
 Location: Mumbai (India)

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About Planet 3 Studios:
Planet 3 Studios, a young, internationally award winning practice represents the vanguard of future-forward design in India. The essence of our way is to address the fundamentals through intense programming, offer solutions that balance wit and wisdom, keep it fresh and never lose the visual appeal. The focus is always on the context, the constraints and the opportunity that a project presents. They like to create designs that maximize the positive impact of design on the environment, use appropriate technologies & materials and source labor locally.

Location: Bangalore (India)
Contact to apply.

About LEAD:

Living Edge Architects & Designers (LEAD) is an Architecture and Interior Design Firm with prominence in the verticals of Institutional design, commercial spaces, residential design, villa layouts, hospitality projects and industrial architecture.
LEAD’s expertise lies in its young and vibrant architect’s team, who generates unconventional ideas and creative architectural designs, thereby offering customised services to the clients. Modern design thoughts infused with contemporary styling with a well-fabricated project plans is one of the main strengths of LEAD. The team at LEAD believes that a humanistic understanding and approach forms the basis for design and great client relationship. Co-founded by Architects Shone Saju & Dinesh Shanmugam in the year 2010, it has come a long way with it’s rich list of completed projects and satisfied clients, within a short span of time.




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