Are you really meant for an internship in social media?

Are you really meant for an internship in social media?

Yes - Companies need someone who can take up some of their social media work. However, do check this list before applying for an internship in social media.


Pit yourself against traits and requirements for internships in social media.
Pit yourself against traits and requirements for internships in social media.

An internship in Social Media is often posted by Digital Marketing agencies and normal companies alike to manage the social media portals for themselves or their clients. Any digital marketing intern is required to manage and implement the company’s social media strategy, monitor the threads on a daily basis and engage the audience on these platforms.

The jobs in social media mostly revolve around the popular portals like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat etc.

So, what are the traits for social media interns that make them appropriate aspirants for future jobs in social media? Some of the qualities and job requirements for efficiently managing digital marketing internships are listed below, which would help you decide if it’s really for you!

Qualities for an Internship in Social Media

1. Communication Skills:

You must have excellent communication skills which aren’t limited to verbal communications. There’s hardly any face to face communication between the target audience and the intern. Therefore, the intern needs to be compelling in his writing skills as well as social skills that make the target audience connect with the company.

2. Familiarity to ongoing trends:

Social media is all about ongoing trends and to excel in the very area, so you need to keep a check on the contemporary vogue. The quicker you identify a trend and exploit to the benefit of your company, the better social media intern you become.

3. Attention to detail:

Understanding social media is a much trickier task than it seems to be. Nothing is obvious when you see it from business point of view. You need to have an attention to detail to read between lines and apply it further in your task.

4. Team spirit:

Handling social media is not a ‘one-man’ job. You will need to be in sync with the whole team. What you communicate with the audience is ultimately concluded from what information you get
from other departments. For answering customer queries also, you will need to be in quick contact with other divisions of the company. So, having the spirit to work in a team is very much important.

Job Requirements for Internship in Social Media

1. Research:

One of the most important reasons for the presence of companies on social media portals is to collect customer information for the profit of the company. A social media intern is involved in collecting various product related data from social media users and do an intensive research on the prospective clients and customers of the company.

2. Create Reports:

A social media intern is not only required to fit in the ongoing proceedings on the social media portals of the company but also create reports on how it’s going. What’s the impact of these portals on the business of the company and how the interaction between the customer and company through social media portals can be improved, etc is to be included in the reports.

3. Monitoring and responding to customer queries:

Jobs is social media extend to customer service as well. As someone in charge of the social media sites, you constantly need to monitor the messages and posts by customers which are in relevance to the company. For example, it includes replying to messages on Facebook, responding to tweets, identifying customer complaints and forwarding it to the concerned department, etc.

4. Posting updates:

It’s where the communication part comes in. Know your target audience and create posts/tweets/graphics that they can relate with and that helps in boosting up the business of your company. To keep a check on the response to these communications and improvise in the next is also a part of your job.

5. Monitoring social media analytics:

Data acquired from social media analytics is very crucial for the
business of any firm. As a social media intern, you are responsible to monitor them and advice any alterations required to your immediate head or the people concerned.

6. Email Marketing and SEO:

Email marketing and for some companies, the SEO management also comes under the job specifications of a social media intern. You need to focus on your target audience and create promotion e-mails and content for them.

So, do you think you are made up of the stuff that makes an adroit social media intern? If yes, make the best of your potential and apply to the hundreds of social media internships and digital marketing internships on Lets Intern.

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