Are you really meant for Virtual Internships?

Are you really meant for Virtual Internships?

Keen on virtual internships? Unbound by daily reportage, you decide on your deliverables and their value. Read to know if it's the right track for you.


Are you really meant for a virtual internship?

The core summer internship season may have gone over the horizon, with the back to school months of July and August. Yet, internship opportunities exist for students in India. Enter virtual internships. Students no longer have to leave their desks to intern and end up receiving a handsome stipend for it.

Understanding Virtual Internships

Unlike the traditional internship, there is no office/workplace that you have to go in the case of virtual internships. Instead, work is allotted to the internee according to his skills and he has to complete it within the given deadline. Such internships can range from web designing to article writing to even problem solving.

Understanding virtual internships is important because virtual jobs might be the future of work. As has been lamented over and over by the modern working class, commuting takes up most of the time and it has been realised that the office might not be the most productive place. That is why we are seeing a new trend in the bigger companies where they hire people who work mostly from home. This allows them to have their own lives along with doing the job.

Benefits of Virtual Internships:

Virtual internships should be considered as the stepping stones for such jobs in virtual internships. A boss impressed with one’s work will not hesitate to offer someone a job when he knows they add value to the company. Therefore, sitting at the desk at your home can land you a job in a multi-national company.

Apart from the opportunity it provides at getting a job, virtual internships have many more advantages. You’re, number 1, not bound by a geography, or facing issues like commutation or food when it comes to giving in your best performance.

Traits needed for Virtual Internships:

There are some questions that still remain. For example, the question most often asked is what are the traits required for virtual internships. There is no straightforward answer to that question as the skills required can vary largely depending on the internship.

However, some traits always come in handy, for example, the knack of being able to research on a topic for hours, perseverance, the ability to work within deadlines, etc.

These traits allow the individual to rise above the crowd in the eyes of the employer as he sees a potential employee in the intern.

Therefore, to sum up, it has to be said that virtual internships are the way ahead as companies move to make themselves more efficient. It is also a great opportunity for individuals to try out different fields of work before diving in completely.

Choose virtual internships if:

  • You can take on extra work, alongside your schedule
  • You can deliver on deadlines
  • You have an entrepreneurial approach to your career

Don’t choose virtual internships if:

  • You know that life catches up with you (a.k.a you slack-off on assignments)
  • You need structure to work with (bosses, timings, structured internships)
  • You need the office experience

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