Attention Recruiters! Here are 7 reasons why nobody is applying for your...

Attention Recruiters! Here are 7 reasons why nobody is applying for your job!


“India has the second fastest growing services sector with its compound annual growth rate at nine per cent, just below China’s 10.9 per cent, during the last 11-year period from 2001 to 2012, the Economic Survey for 2013-14 said.” – The Hindu.

A large percentage of individuals use various job opportunity platforms like Letsintern to seek jobs. Despite the numerous job opportunities some employers wonder why the applications received are always below the expected.

There are various reasons for the following. Here are six of them, that you can attempt to fix right away:

1. Vague Job Titles:
Job-seeking individuals go through a hundred jobs everyday, and take only a few seconds to determine if a job suits their profile, before hitting on either ‘Apply’ or moving forward. In a situation like this, having a self-explanatory job title is the first thing a prospective employee is going to notice.
– Stick to modeling the job title after a Designation(Business Development Manager, Campus Ambassador, Content Writer, etc.) instead of the Department(Full-time job in Marketing, IT intern, etc.) in which the opening is in.
– It is crucial you limit the job title to a maximum of 2-3 words, and save the rest for the Job Description. You don’t have to cram everything you want to tell the candidate in the job title itself.

2. Job Description: Even though the purpose of a job description is giving details regarding the job opportunity, a very lengthy job description may bore the reader, especially if you aren’t saying anything worth reading.
– Simply saying, ‘You’d be working closely with the Marketing Team’ isn’t going to cut it. Take time to outline the responsibilities you expect the employee to handle. Be specific.
– Even though it is crucial to share as many details of importance as possible,  pertaining to the job, keep in mind to not get carried away. Keep the JD reasonably sized, and to-the-point.
– Avoid being ambiguous. You don’t want to confuse the applicants, so talk about exactly what you are looking for, and be upfront about what parts of your requirement are negotiable and otherwise.

3. Lack of Remuneration: While 39.1 percent of the people in India have a healthy work-life balance as one their top priorities (ref. CEB Global Labour Market Survey),  it is needless to say that a good remuneration is just as crucial. There are jobs that we encounter on Letsintern that have a decent industry standard remuneration, which tend to get 20-140 applications within the first few days of their posting, while on the other hand jobs offering below-the-standard or no stipend seldom get any attention. There is almost a 50 percent reduction in the application in the latter case, as opposed to the former.
– Do some market research on the kind of remuneration that is commonly offered, and arrive at a figure, depending on the amount of work you want the employee to handle, and the number of hours you want them to put in.

4. No Visual Appeal: While One may think it isn’t crucial information however we find that individuals respond better to visuals – like adding an updated logo of your organization, in the correct size and resolution.
– Keeping a uniformed formatting is also vital.
– Oh, and if you’re a startup, don’t forget to include the name of your organization. Simply putting *no name startup* or *will reveal later* isn’t going to get you a lot of traction, instead you’d end up coming across as shady, and not legit.

5. Missing Company Profile: This is especially important when you’re just starting out and not a lot of people are aware of your existence.
– Provide adequate information about your company – founding year, founding team, funding status(if any), location, and at least 2 sentences about what exactly it is that you do.
– Stick to layman terms, and avoid unnecessary technical jargon that not many would understand at first glance.
– Feel free to also talk about the fundamentals, basic ideologies and goals of the group, if you want.

If you’re a big brand name, this might still be your place to assure people that you are representing the official brand, given that scams in the name of jobs is so common these days.

6. Why your company?
There are a number of companies that are looking for similar candidates, offering good remuneration, and a preferable location, so why should one pick your company?
– You have already specified what you expect from the candidate. Talk about what a candidate can expect of you as well. This could be perks like – free accomodation for the initial days if the candidate is out-station, travel expenses, quarterly bonuses, organization structure and benefits, etc, or mentor-ship opportunities, growth and development scenario, work culture, etc.

7. Merging job roles:
Don’t expect a marketing employee to be handling everything from inbound/on-ground/Social Media to Email/Content, just like you shouldn’t expect an Android Developer to be handling Back-end. Most companies do this for cost-cutting, but multiple profile rolled into one job doesn’t make for an attractive job opportunity, one, and two, will over-exert you employees in the long run affecting employee retention.




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