Be Smarter Than Smart During Internship Interviews

Be Smarter Than Smart During Internship Interviews

Handle the trickiest of internship interview questions with ease. Know how to channel every question in your favour with this example.


Scary? Every internship interview is.
Scary? Every internship interview is.

You might be one of those smarter people who work on their career and nurture it from the start. As such you must have looked for internships whether they be summer internships, virtual internships or part-time internships. Though internship interviews are not very prevalent, the number is increasing rapidly. Internship interviews are not as passe now so you will do well to prepare for it. Especially if you looking to associate yourself with some famous brand.

Knowing handy interview tricks will also aid you when you finally jump in the job market. However, for now, let us concentrate one of the trickiest interview question and how to handle it.

Question regarding what bugs you about your teachers and friends

Questions which ask about the last time you lost your temper or what bugs you about your teachers and friends can sound threatening. It can put you in a tight spot from which you might have to try hard to wiggle out.

Such an internship interview question is not uncommon, especially because the interviewer knows or expects you to be stumped by it. Though we cannot say for sure, he might want to see how you will react in tight situations and how cool or uncool you are. This will allow him to gauze how difficult it will be to work with you and train you as an intern.

The right answer

One way to handle this question will be to tell a flat lie. You can say you are very sweet and amiable, but the chances of the interviewer buying this answer are very less. You are not a super-human and no Jane Bennet either (even she lost her cool, once). So, take the question as it is and twist it to represent something good and positive. Don’t bad-mouth your teacher or friends and give vent to your pent up frustration. (We are talking about all those frustrations because of attendance. Rings a bell. Right?)

No one wants to give a chance to someone who can backbite at the first chance they get.

How you talk about your teachers and friends reflects your character and temperament more than it does theirs

Instead, use the question to your advantage to draw home the point that you are a hardworking person. Say you are someone who pushes for perfection and lack of it can make you angry.

Every tricky interview question has a plausible solution. So the next time the interviewer tries to act smart, take a step ahead and use the question to your advantage.

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