Best Companies For CSE Freshers In India To Intern At

Best Companies For CSE Freshers In India To Intern At

Which are the best name that all CSE freshers should be aware of? How can you apply for in these companies? From TCS to Infosys - find out about the biggest and the grandest brand names.


The biggest names for CSE freshers to apply in.
The biggest names for CSE freshers to apply in.

There’s a palpable difference between doing something for the sake of it and doing something in the best possible way. And that’s where the story changes, even when the characters are the same. Coming to our point here, if you are a CSE fresher or student and looking forward to an opportunity that can help you stand out amidst the crowd, your internship(s) can assist you immensely.

There are many, many internships programs available for CSE students, but it is for you to decide which ones can contribute to your career the most. With summer internships already knocking at the door, it is up to you decide that how you want to proceed.

And, to make the best of the season, you need to know about the best companies for CSE freshers in India and how you can apply for them. To make your task easier for you, we have resourcefully done our homework and here is a list of best companies for CSE fresher in India to apply for.


Business Today Survey recently identified Infosys as the most sought-after company in India. And, it’s quite evident from its market presence all these years that it deserved the title. Infosys has a special project-based program for CSE freshers and interns known as the InStep program, specially designed to give a flavour of work culture to students.

To apply, you need to submit an intern resume and include all specifications mentioned on their website. You can also submit a cover letter(optional).

If shortlisted, then you will have to sit through a personal interview.


Internships in India can get the flavour of the abroad with big names like Accenture among others.  Accenture looks for interns, who have certain qualities including leadership eminence, commendable academic scores, co-curricular involvement in college, etc.

Furthermore, Accenture internships are desirable for the first-hand experience along with standard senior guidance it claims to offer.


With its headquarters in New Jersey, Cognizant has made a huge mark in the Indian software scenario. Students are keen to learn from the work culture at Cognizant to help them further in their careers.

To apply for an internship in Cognizant, you can send in a direct application on their official website or contact the HRs. You can also search reliable internship search engines and apply directly or contact your placement coordinator in college for an on-campus placement.

Tata Consultation Services

Tata Consultation Services, or popularly known as TCS, is undoubtedly one of the top players in the software market. The best thing is that you don’t need to be enrolled in one of the top most engineering colleges to be eligible for an internship in the firm.

You can register on their website or apply through your college’s placement centre. TCS gives special preference to students who do well in relevant academic subjects and have done exceptionally in coding-related competitions.

While these companies are most preferred particularly by CSE students, there are few other names in the list which are popular among all popular fields of engineering. Among those, the companies which offer laudable internships to CSE students include:

Facebook – surely a brand name to go for!

Google – the master of software engineering.

Wipro – easily reachable in spite of a first-class market presence.

IBM – offering various internship programs for engineering students including summer internships.

HCL – another global leader, who helped hundreds to take off their career.

So, now you know what to aim for. Apart from these, there are many valuable internship opportunities for CSE freshers available on Letsintern that you can check out.

Applying for an internship in a big company can be a bit scary. However, if you have the calibre and confidence to get through the selection procedure, it shouldn’t be that much a task for you.

To start with, you can make a list of companies which offer internships in your interest areas. To know more about the application process, learn how should CSE freshers apply for internships.