Beware If You Are Making These Sacrifices In Your College Life

Beware If You Are Making These Sacrifices In Your College Life

Are you making these 5 lethal sacrifices in your college life? Before you enter the work world, make sure you don't commit these errors.


College life
College life is not always a walk in the park! (MetaMedia)

College life is fun, yes, we all know that very well. These salad days of our lives provide us many experiences that teach us a lot and come handy for the future. Today let us talk about 5 habits that we all think are okay to possess but in actuality, these are lethal to your well being. Make sure you drop these habits (if you have them) before you bid an adieu to college life and enter the professional work world.

Your Physical Well-being

These days everyone has some health issues. The decline in health is gradual so you must be aware of it before it actually takes a toll on you. In college life itself, if you develop the habit of maintaining a routine, you will find it easier to cope with your working hours later when you have a job. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious food and exercise regularly.

Your Family

The cliched belief that family is everything is actually the truth. Whatever it is that you are running after will no longer hold any value if you have no one to celebrate it with! The gamut of a family doesn’t always include familial or biological ties. You may have friends or connections that are really important to you and if your professional life is costing you your family, it is time to set your life straight. Afterall, when was the last time you made an effort to connect with someone?

Your Mental Well-being

Physical health is wealth but your mind is your weapon. How many times and how many of us have put in extra hours or pulled an all-nighter because it was the need of the hour? We all are guilty of taking our mental health for granted. If your college life, your job, your duties are a havoc in your mental state, it is definitely the time to take a detour!

Your Self And Your Inner Being

Yes, of course, you need that college degree, that job, that salary, that appreciation, that validation. But do you really think you owe something to someone at the cost of your self and the self’s well being? It is easy to please the other person at the cost of our discomfort just because the situation calls for it. But from your college days, make it a habit of being sensitive toward your emotions and all that matters for you, before you go out there and start being all ‘Nelson Mandela’ on everyone.

Your Virtues

A person needs to have a peculiar self and we all do have it. In this race, we all tend to forget it because we wish to fit it. Your job, your salary, your achievements will all bite the dust if you lose your identity, your core beliefs and your values. Do not let an institution, a job, a cheque cost you your virtues in life. Do not let one aspect of your entire life define you entirely.

Someone once described success the best as “a habit to be able to set good boundaries”. The moment you define and decide this for yourself, everything else will fall into the correct places.

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