14 Quick Body Language Tips For Your Next Interview!

14 Quick Body Language Tips For Your Next Interview!


People will forget what you say, but they will not forget how you made them feel. Your body language is one of the key components of having a great interview.

When you leave, you want to make the interviewer feel confident in your abilities. Here are steps to projecting confidence in your interview from beginning to end –

Before the Interview:

1. Wear clothes that make you feel like a million bucks!
When you know you look good on the outside, you are going to feel great on the inside. Find interview clothes that fit you well, iron them the night before, and appear polished for your interview.

2. Assume a powerful stance for 1 minute in the washroom or another private space.
Assume a powerful stance, such as standing with your legs at shoulder width, arms on your hips for 1 minute. It will release testosterone (hormone that increases feeling of power and confidence) and decrease cortisol (the stress hormone).

3. Breath deeply for 10 breaths.
Breath deeply from your diaphragm to reduce stress, heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormone level.

Greeting the interviewer:

4. Exchange firm handshakes with the interviewers and smile!
People unconsciously make judgements on others within the first 10 seconds! Make sure your handshake is not too powerful or too limp. You can practice with a friend.

5. Match your interviewer’s pace when walking to the interview room.
It shows that you fit into the environment and can follow their lead.

During the Interview:

6. Wait until you are invited to sit before sitting down.
Again, you show that you can follow their lead. It also prevents awkwardness in case you pick the wrong seat.

7. Put your belongings beside you, not on the table in front of you.
Creating any barriers between you and the interviewer will convey that you’ve a guarded stance towards the interview, indicating you’re not confident enough to take on every question, and would rather prefer a more convenient answer.

8. Sit all the way back in your seat.
Sit firmly and lean all the way back in your chair. If you slouch and fold into yourself, you will project nervousness.

9. Plant your feet on the ground.
Planted feet helps you answer difficult questions. Your nervous system can go between creative thought and highly complex rational thought easily.

10. Gesture with your hands or entwine your hands together and rest them on the table.
Folding your arms, fidgeting with pens, putting your hands in your pockets are all interview faux pas that shouts your nervousness to your interviewer. Avoid these mistakes by gesturing with your hands when you talk. It will also make you look engaging and you can use them to emphasize on a particular point you feel strongly about. Make sure however, that your hand movements are controlled, and not too animated, otherwise they’d just distract the interviewer from your answer. You can use  If you are uncomfortable with gesturing, you can rest your hands on the table.

11. Look at the interviewer’s face, not just just the eyes.
Rotate between the interviewer’s eyes, nose, and lips every few seconds. You will convey interest and engagement. Staring only into the other person’s eyes will make you both feel awkward.

12. Nod while you are listening.
Nod periodically to show that you are understanding what is being said.

13. Lean in.
People naturally lean in when they are having a great conversation. Keep your chest high and shoulders back. You want to lean slightly forward, not slouch.

Leaving the interview:

14. Walk with your back straight, chest high, and shoulders back when you are leaving.
No matter how you feel the interview went, walk with confidence out of the door. You want the interviewers to see that you are confident until the end.

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