Do you take your Laptop to your office? | Here’s 4 ways...

Do you take your Laptop to your office? | Here’s 4 ways to protect your device at work!


In today’s time, it is common for employees to have to share everything in a workplace. Companies are becoming more liberal so that they can keep their employees happy and extract efficient work from them. The concept of BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) allows you get along your phones, PCs,Laptops and other electronics of use to your work-place. While the shared set-up to the BYOD (Bring your own device) environment can have it’s own advantages, but there is also a flipside. It is imperative that one takes proper steps to protect his/her device and work.

1. Make sure the Cloud is Secure:
When you work in a BYOD environment you will prefer to work via The Cloud. If installed properly, Cloud servers are pretty secure–but this doesn’t mean that you’re safe from all of the threats. For example, the Cloud in itself might be safe from all the hackers while the files you’ve stored on it might be vulnerable. Hence, choose create strong passwords, pick different passwords for your various accounts and don’t share your passwords with anyone at any cost. 

2. Protect your device:
Cloud and BYOD environments make your devices very susceptible to threats. Even though the Cloud servers are safe and secure, your computer is going to be networked with a dozen more. How can you take the guarantee for someone else’s device to be malware free? Malicious software (malware) can infect the system and disrupt operations, or even compromise your device if it spreads.Even if an attack doesn’t cause you to lose data or access, any security breach will likely lower your comfort level with storing Install top – notch malware detection. Hence, a top notch malware detection should be installed on all of your devices.  This is especially vital for devices running Android software as its open sourced and more at risk to malware and attacks. The good news is that Android security has strengthened over the past years.

3. Back up your data:
One piece of advise the tech savvy have been espousing for years and years is back up your data. Unlike before, backing up data is no more an arduous task. While saving your back up, don’t just rely Dropbox, Amazon Cloud drive etc. Always keep a local backup on a secondary hard drive like Apple’s Time Capsule. With your data backed up and secure passwords there is one thing to worry about: your browsing habits.

4. Physical protection:
A job or an internship is highly competitive by nature. Do not forget that they are prying eyes on your work. Protect your device by ensuring that there is a tracking software installed on it. Set up your system in a way so that you can quickly “log out” of the device when you need to step away from your work desk during breaks. Enable password protect on your screen and try avoid storing critical or very sensitive data on your device.

Keep your work and device safe when working in an open layout and extremely competitive environment.





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