Career Development: Achieve More By Not Sabotaging Yourself

Career Development: Achieve More By Not Sabotaging Yourself

Career development starts with self development and your self-sabotaging behavior can stand between you and success.


Career Development in key with self development.
Career Development in key with self development.

Ups and downs are a part of the journey called life. However, when you downs start bothering you too much and start bogging you down, so much so that you start sabotaging your own self, then you know it is time to sit up and take action. When you are achieving lot less than you are capable of because you are too worried to function properly, then you know you are missing on something. And to stay on the right path of career development, you should start with self development and stop sabotaging yourself.

Here are some success tips to help you on the right path…

Be aware of the self

Most of the time we spend our efforts in trying to understand the world around us. We try to live up to the dictates of the society, hardly realising what we want. Self-awareness is the first step towards self-development.

You cannot address your needs if you don’t listen to your inner voice and what it wants. You have to be aware of yourself to frame out your goals and work accordingly.

Don’t beat yourself up over perfectionism

Perfectionism is an illusion, it is abstract, it is just a construct. Seeking perfectionism in things, whether it be your job or internship or classes will make you unhappy. Nothing can ever be perfect, and not accepting that will only burden you.

Seeking perfection where it is not possible will ruin your peace of mind and sabotage you. While aiming for the moon is great, falling among the stars is not bad either.

Focus on the positives

If you keep talking about your failures, what you couldn’t do, what you couldn’t achieve, chances are that those things will occupy a larger space in your life and mind. They will push towards self-destruction and you might end up losing your confidence.

If you only talk about your failures, the people around you will see you as a failure. To find your footing, you need to start focusing on the positives. Look at the brighter side of the moon and strain to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Be confident

Confidence cannot be faked, unless and until you are a brilliant actor. Be confident about yourself. Take up tasks that will push you, but which you know you can achieve. Don’t take up more than you can chew and then feel sad and under-confident about achieving your goals.

Talk about your success, recall the things that make you unique and pamper yourself from time to time. You are only human, you have the room to err and the space to succeed, grab it with both hands.

Keep these career development techniques in mind to work on the path of self development and stop your self-sabotaging behavior. Be more of everything nice and positive.